Friday, August 14, 2009

Short and Sweet

Today’s update will be brief since the babies are mostly just chugging along – which is good! Our only concern of the moment is Lily. Yesterday she was rather lethargic and last night she had a lot of desat episodes. The doctors determined that she needed some blood, so she received a transfusion this afternoon (thanks to great aunt Diane for donating blood this time around!). We’re hoping that the blood will give Lily the boost she needs – we want our crazy Bug back!

All of the babies gained weight today. Charlie was had an increase of 50 grams to reach 1530, or 3 lbs 6 oz. Lily gained 40 for a total of 1390 grams and Annaleigh gained 5 grams (at least it’s something!) to get to 1215 grams.

We had two nice visits with the babies. This morning Joe held Annaleigh while I had Lily, then Joe went and kangarooed Charlie for the first time. Charlie really enjoyed it – he was gazing up at his daddy the whole time and was perfectly content. This evening great aunt Linda and great uncle Mike joined us and spent some time with the babies. Between visits I got all of the babies’ clothes put away in their room. It’s so nice to see all their little outfits hanging in the closet just waiting for them.

And that’s all for tonight! Boring is good as far as we’re concerned.

Lily was just chillin' tonight during our visit.

Charlie was very curious during his kangaroo time with Joe today. He kept his eyes open (and his mouth too) and tried to figure out where he was.

Annaleigh's "mommy's girl" outfit. So cute!


Lauren said...

Feel better, Lily!

Stephanie said...

They look so "big" and healthy!

Michele from FTHS said...

Hang it there, Lily. The babies get more beautiful by the day.

Anonymous said...

It was wonderful visiting again my sweet peas. You are more beautiful and precious in person.
Keep plugging away angels...

All My Love, Auntie :) xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

They are all getting so big and beautiful. Short and sweet is good Brooke. Keep em coming and the babies will be home before you know it!!!
Congrats to all of you!!!
See you soon.
Carolyn & Cayden :)

Michael Almstedt said...

Thank You so much for the time last night.........I'll cherish it always
G.U. Mike