Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Big is Beautiful

A few weeks ago Dr. Hiatt told us that they aim to see babies gain 20 grams a day. Charlie and Lily have put that goal to shame. In the past week they have both put on 220 grams instead of the 140 that would have made the doctors happy. Charlie had a 30 gram weight gain today for a total of 1430 grams, or 3 lbs 3 oz and Lily put on another 45 grams, bringing her up to 1280 grams, or 2 lbs 13 oz. We don’t yet have a weight for Annaleigh today. The doctors decided to increase her calories per feeding from 24 to 26 this afternoon in hopes of helping her gain some weight, and Annaleigh’s nurse wanted to give her a few more feedings to hopefully pack on the grams before she weighed her. So Annaleigh will hit the scale later tonight. Our fingers are crossed for an increase for her. Maybe her brother and sister can give her some weight gaining tips.

Aside from Annaleigh’s increased calories, the only other change today was for Charlie. He finally moved from the BiPap to the CPAP this afternoon! So far he’s been doing pretty well on the CPAP, essentially behaving the same way as he was on the BiPap. We’ll take it! Go Charlie! Annaleigh is still doing very well on the nasal canula, and Lily continues to show improvement on the CPAP, although he got a little too comfy in Daddy’s arms this evening and had a brady episode, which means her heart rate dropped. Mommy had a bit of a freak out over this, but Miss Lily was just fine and within minutes of the episode she was happily snoozing in her isolette while enjoying her evening snack. Like her mommy, nothing can keep her from wanting to eat!

During my morning visit the nurses and I had some fun putting on a little baby fashion show with Annaleigh as our model. Someone had donated a bunch of preemie outfits to the hospital and Annaleigh’s nurse Cathy went through the items and chose some really cute things for the girls and Charlie. She dressed Annaleigh in a little pink and white sleeper to wear while I held her and she looked just adorable! Cathy held Annaleigh up in her new clothes while another nurse and I snapped pictures and even more nurses came over to admire her. Annaleigh is a budding supermodel!

Annaleigh was wide awake during an evening cuddle with Joe. She had the hiccups the whole time and was squeeking like a tiny mouse. So cute!!!

Lily was making all sorts of faces during her time cuddling with Joe tonight; turns out, she was working on a good poop.

Charlie has been enjoying his pacifier lately. The problem is that he can't hold it himself so he can only have it when he's on his stomach so it doesn't fall out.

Annaleigh happily slept through her fashion show.


Anonymous said...

Keep it up my little angels...
You'll be home sooner than you think.

All My Love, Auntie :) xoxoo

Anonymous said...

They are all so precious! I am so, so thrilled that the babies are doing so well.

Denise said...

How precious those babies are! I am so happy they are getting so big and doing well. Denise (Travis's mom)

Michelle said...

My sister had her daughter July 23 at 33 weeks. She weighed 2 lbs 15 oz and has been in the NICU for 3 weeks now. I want to thank you for your blog posts because it has helped me understand what my sister and her husband are going through when dealing with a premature baby. Yesterday, they were told their daughter, Amy, had a cyst on her brain and before the doctor could explain, I knew it was nothing to worry about. When the doctor confirmed that it would go away, I became so thankful for reading your blog so the smallest things wouldn't freak me out too much in concern of my little niece.

I hope the kids keep on gaining weight and will be able to go home sooner than later. You guys are great parents!

Katrina said...

I've been away (from your blog) for a week or so. So good to read up and see all the good news! They really are getting so much bigger. You probably can't tell as much as someone who hasn't seen them for a week! ;)
Go Babies, Go Babies! Hoping for many many more great days!

Staci said...

They are so gorgeous! *hugs*

Michele from FTHS said...

After not reading the blog for a few days, I was thrilled to see how great all three babies are doing. Joe and Brooke, you two MUST be relieved and ecstatic. Keep up the tremendous work, Little D's!!!!!