Friday, March 30, 2012

Hello, Easter Bunny!

Last Sunday my mom and I took Charlie and Lily to the mall to meet the Easter bunny and get new shoes. We were the first in line to meet the bunny and Charlie and Lily did great. They were so happy to see him. They each gave him a big hug and sat right in his lap with no problem. I really wanted a picture of them with the Easter bunny, so I was a happy camper when we were done. The bunny visit went great. The shoe shopping? That was another story. Lily refused to take off her boots, which was necessary in order to have her feet measured and to try on shoes. So she shrieked and screamed and cried like she was being tortured, refused to stand to be measured and refused to try to walk in the shoes we put on her. Her crying and freaking got Charlie all worked up too, and he proceeded to run all around the store like a maniac and then started crying for no reason. No shoes were purchased. But hey, we got our picture...

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sun, fun and friends

Link(Before I start, I just wanted to mention that we are less than one month away from the March for Babies! In 2010, Team Three Cheers for Babies was the #1 fundraising team in our county. Last year we were #3. Which is still amazing! But I'm incredibly competitive and trying to reclaim our top spot this year! Nothing wrong with some competition for a good cause, right? So if you have a few extra dollars that you would like to contribute to our team, please CLICK HERE and help us support the March of Dimes. Thank you!)

So this week we've still had incredible weather. Like, sunny and close to 80 degrees weather. In New Jersey. In March. I've been in heaven. And Charlie and Lily have been pretty happy too! Yesterday we found a great playground located in a development near my gym. Charlie and Lily had the best time trying out all the new equipment. They love a good playground.
Earlier in the week we took Charlie and Lily on their first ever trip to Rita's Water Ice. Let's just say they were fans. (Those are the "child size" cones, lol.)
This picture has nothing to do with the nice weather and everything to do with Lily's blossoming sense of style. Elmo hats, noodle necklaces and tiger slippers are what's IN for spring.
We also had a fantastic play date this week with Michael and Daphne, the son and daughter of my friend Gretchen. Michael shares Lily's love of fashion and spent a good deal of time trying on Charlie and Lily's hats and shoes. Of course, Lily had to get in on the act too. They make quite a couple, don't they? (Lily totally developed a crush on Michael after this. Last night at dinner Charlie was saying, "I love...." and then naming various things - Mommy, Daddy, cookies, etc. Lily just kept saying "I love....Michael!")
The play date ended with a group lunch. Nothing like sharing pb&js, grapes and pretzels to bring friends together.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Suddenly spring

Like a large part of the rest of the country, New Jersey is currently experiencing amazing spring-like weather in the middle of March. I wore flip-flops today, people. Flip-flops! So naturally, we've been trying to make the most out the weather and get outside as much as we can.

This morning after music class we met Uncle John at a local park for a little nature walk. Charlie and Lily loved playing in the gazebos, climbing in and out of the (unfilled) fountain and tossing little tree seeds (what DO you call those prickly round things that fall of the trees!?) into the water from the bridge.
We've spent a lot of time drawing with sidewalk chalk in the driveway. Lily is quite the chalk artist.
And of course, Charlie and Lily make Daddy work to keep them entertained. (Notice how he's still in his clothes from work, lol.)
On Monday, after a fun afternoon outside, we hit the Chinese buffet for dinner. Charlie and Lily ate peanut butter and jelly (I couldn't even get them to try the egg rolls. Who doesn't like egg rolls?) but had a great time in the restaurant.
Last Friday (before the weather got so nice!) I was called upon to fill in last minute as the mission speaker at the PSE&G March for Babies kick-off. I had to bring Charlie and Lily with me to the breakfast, as I literally found out that I was going at 9:00 the night before the 9:00am event. They were SO good at the breakfast - smiling at everyone and chatting away, while carrying their toys around in March of Dimes donation buckets. They came up with me while I gave my speech and at the end Charlie yelled, "Thank you!" into the microphone and waved. He was so sweet! As we left Lily asked if we could go get a donut, and since they had been so good we headed right to Dunkin Donuts for a treat.
And by now you may be wondering why Lily is wearing a Sesame Street hat in every picture. Last week, one of Joe's students made him an Elmo hat. Lily took one look at it, claimed it for herself and wore it constantly. I mean constantly. She put it on the moment she woke up in the morning and, other than when she napped, kept it on until bedtime. Poor Charlie was left out, so Joe' student was kind enough to make a Cookie Monster hat for him. Which, upon seeing, Lily ALSO claimed as her own. So for the past week she has not been seen without either Elmo or Cookie on her head. Silly girl!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Calling All Cloth Diapering Mamas!

So my friend Gretchen is kind of a cloth diapering rock star. Her online business, Twinkie Tush, makes some of the most amazing and coveted diapers around. In support of our March for Babies team, Three Cheers for Babies, Gretchen is hosting an online auction tonight starting at 8:00pm EST for a mini group custom slot. All proceeds from the auction, minus paypal fees and shipping, will be donated to our team. Be sure to check it out - and thank you, Gretchen!

March of Dimes Auction: Mini Group Custom SYOF - 3 diapers to 3 addresses :: twinkie tush Online Shop

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tea for Two (plus a few)

I just thought these pictures were too cute not to share! Yesterday afternoon a spontaneous tea party broke out between Charlie, Lily and the Sesame Street gang. Charlie and Lily were so adorable, giving their furry friends sips of "tea" and bites of plastic cakes. Since we've moved I've been unable to find the camera, but luckily Joe came home right as the party was getting into full swing and located it so he could take some pictures.
Tea for Cookie.
And some for Oscar.
Saying goodbye to Murray and Cookie when the party finished.
Tea parties are more fun with Super Grover. Charlie kept saying, "Super Grover, you showed up!" which is what they say on Sesame Street, lol.
Charlie then balanced out the calm of the tea party with a little Daddy rough housing.I've still been doing our weekly lessons, but since I hadn't been able to find the camera I don't really have any pics. Last week was M week, though, and we made M&M cookies (an activity that taught me that I need to become more familiar with the oven in this house, since I burned a bunch of them) and Charlie and Lily glued mini marshmallows to the letter M for art. We also discussed what words start with the letter M, and Charlie and Lily were able to tell me that "mommy" and "monkey" start with M, without me even giving them a hint! They are getting really good at identifying letters just by the sound they make. We read If You Give a Moose a Muffin (they love the If You Give A...books) and Joe topped off the week by bringing them home giant Mickey and Minnie Mouse balloons :)

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Because we'll never forget

Why do we support the March of Dimes? Because we will never forget that this is how our beautiful children began their lives:
And we'll never forget that this is what we lost:
On April 22nd we'll once again be walking in the 2012 March for Babies as Team Three Cheers for Babies. We hope all our local friends and family will be able to join us again (you all rock!), but if you can't walk with us we hope you'll consider donating to your team to support the March of Dimes by CLICKING HERE.

One day we will live in a world where all babies are born healthy.