Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tea for Two (plus a few)

I just thought these pictures were too cute not to share! Yesterday afternoon a spontaneous tea party broke out between Charlie, Lily and the Sesame Street gang. Charlie and Lily were so adorable, giving their furry friends sips of "tea" and bites of plastic cakes. Since we've moved I've been unable to find the camera, but luckily Joe came home right as the party was getting into full swing and located it so he could take some pictures.
Tea for Cookie.
And some for Oscar.
Saying goodbye to Murray and Cookie when the party finished.
Tea parties are more fun with Super Grover. Charlie kept saying, "Super Grover, you showed up!" which is what they say on Sesame Street, lol.
Charlie then balanced out the calm of the tea party with a little Daddy rough housing.I've still been doing our weekly lessons, but since I hadn't been able to find the camera I don't really have any pics. Last week was M week, though, and we made M&M cookies (an activity that taught me that I need to become more familiar with the oven in this house, since I burned a bunch of them) and Charlie and Lily glued mini marshmallows to the letter M for art. We also discussed what words start with the letter M, and Charlie and Lily were able to tell me that "mommy" and "monkey" start with M, without me even giving them a hint! They are getting really good at identifying letters just by the sound they make. We read If You Give a Moose a Muffin (they love the If You Give A...books) and Joe topped off the week by bringing them home giant Mickey and Minnie Mouse balloons :)


Kate said...

I love your lesson ideas! You've inspired me to start something like this with my pre-preschooler. Keep it up!

heather (ogiedogie) said...

precious, always love to see a new posting from you !

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