Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sun, fun and friends

Link(Before I start, I just wanted to mention that we are less than one month away from the March for Babies! In 2010, Team Three Cheers for Babies was the #1 fundraising team in our county. Last year we were #3. Which is still amazing! But I'm incredibly competitive and trying to reclaim our top spot this year! Nothing wrong with some competition for a good cause, right? So if you have a few extra dollars that you would like to contribute to our team, please CLICK HERE and help us support the March of Dimes. Thank you!)

So this week we've still had incredible weather. Like, sunny and close to 80 degrees weather. In New Jersey. In March. I've been in heaven. And Charlie and Lily have been pretty happy too! Yesterday we found a great playground located in a development near my gym. Charlie and Lily had the best time trying out all the new equipment. They love a good playground.
Earlier in the week we took Charlie and Lily on their first ever trip to Rita's Water Ice. Let's just say they were fans. (Those are the "child size" cones, lol.)
This picture has nothing to do with the nice weather and everything to do with Lily's blossoming sense of style. Elmo hats, noodle necklaces and tiger slippers are what's IN for spring.
We also had a fantastic play date this week with Michael and Daphne, the son and daughter of my friend Gretchen. Michael shares Lily's love of fashion and spent a good deal of time trying on Charlie and Lily's hats and shoes. Of course, Lily had to get in on the act too. They make quite a couple, don't they? (Lily totally developed a crush on Michael after this. Last night at dinner Charlie was saying, "I love...." and then naming various things - Mommy, Daddy, cookies, etc. Lily just kept saying "I love....Michael!")
The play date ended with a group lunch. Nothing like sharing pb&js, grapes and pretzels to bring friends together.

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