Sunday, August 2, 2009

No Scar for Annaleigh!

Today was a good day for the girls but a slightly below average day for Charlie.

Both girls were able to be held this morning and both continue to eat and be strong and have few episodes. Lily is eating 18 mls of breast milk and Annaleigh is up to 10 ml, and considering where she was just a week ago, that's awesome. During our night visit with Grandma Anne and Grandpa Fred, both girls were wide awake and happy to see everyone. Lily put on her normal show, flailing her arms around and looking like she wanted to hug everyone. Annaleigh was content to lay there and just watch the world around her.

The piece of good news about Annaleigh today is that her surgery scar is practically invisible! Her night nurse took off the remainder of the dressing from her surgical incision and all that could be seen was a very slight discoloration on her abdomin. How amazing are these doctors that they can perform surgery on a tiny baby, remove pieces of her bowel, and then sew her back up like they were never even there? Thank you Dr. Galucci!

Charlie's day was a little rough, though not terrible. He continues to have a lot of episodes and react poorly to excessive stimulation. His night nurse (the first male nurse we've had in the entire time we've been at the NICU) thought was just needed to rest and be clam and quiet for a while. Hopefully that's all he needs.

We had hoped to let the grandparents hold the babies for the first time, but our plans were thwarted. Apparently nobody but the parents are allowed to hold the babies until they're off CPAP and out of isolettes. That's kind of disappointing because we were really looking forward to seeing them with our parents. But at the rate the girls are improving, it may not be too much longer until this is a reality!

Annaleigh calming looking out at us from her isolette.

I wasn't able to get any good pics of Charlie today so I'm posting this one from a few days ago. I find it to be just about the most beautiful thing in the world when I watch Brooke love these babies. I'm just as happy watching her hold them as I am to hold them myself.

Lily is just so cute. Every time I see her eyes wide open like this I realize what the expression "she melts my heart" means.


The Madeira Triplets said...

One of the neatest things about being parents is the way that it deepens your own love for one another in ways that you never thought possible. I never thought that I could love my husband more until I was a mother--then it was like a whole new dimension of love opened up, one which I could never fathom before. You've really hit the nail on the head--it's unbelievable, and indescribable :D

Michele from FTHS said...

C'mon, Charlie. Don't let you sisters show you up! ;-) Am soooo glad the girls are doing so well and that Charlie is holding his own. The pics you take are wonderful and thank you for keeping us posted every night. You five remain in my thoughts and prayers. XOXOXO

Lani said...

I love reading your updates, they are just so genuine:) These babies are really lucky to have you two for parents!

Anonymous said...


Now you can wear your bikini Annaleigh. C'mon Charlie you can do it - no more episodes - got it. Lily - you have Daddy wrapped around you already. Thrive my angels - ALL your grandparents are waiting for their snuggles now.

All My Love, Auntie :) xoxooxoxo

Valerie said...

I just got caught-up and I'm so glad you've been able to kangaroo. I loved kangarooing. I hope you can do that with Charlie soon!!

Mom2Be said...

glad that the babies are doing well overall. I think that all 3 of them will be little heart-breakers because they're all so cute! : )

Anonymous said...

As always, I read every day to see how you all are doing. It's amazing how much ALL of the kids have grown, and I have faith that Charlie is going to progress well again quickly. Those pictures are so precious, and I think you've captured what "melt your heart" means. Keep kangarooing! :) (See? I made up a word for you all!). Hang in there!