Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Kim's Poem

My cousin Kim surprised us by writing a poem in honor of Annaleigh. So before I spoke, Kim read this for everyone. We think it's just perfect and we are so truly grateful to her for doing this.

June twenty-seventh two thousand nine,
Mommy and Daddy’s anniversary was chugging along just fine.
Suddenly there wasn’t a dry eye to be found,
Three beautiful babies joined us, one making a sound.
The first tiny girl defied every odd,
The middle princess of the tripod.
Her lungs couldn’t be developed, it’s impossible they said,
But everyone heard her enter the world, even Grandpa Fred.

“Baby B” was breathtaking from the beginning, turning every head,
Annaleigh Lucy, an angel name for the baby in the NICU bed.
Soon there were visitors to see these three miracle gifts,
From Uncle John and Aunt Jill, to adoring nurses with long shifts!
Then the clever idea of capturing stunning photos started,
Everything was documented, especially when the babies pooped and farted!
The teeny tiny gifts were clearly receiving presents of their own,
From excellent care, to a family who expelled only graciousness as their tone.

Soon a few scares came about,
But there was never, ever a love drought!
From great aunts and cousins,
To grandparents and friends by the dozens!
At first the strongest, Annaleigh
Found herself in minor tummy surgery!
Then big brother Charlie got sick and had to stay away,
But it was best for him, he got even more sleep all day!
Little sister Lily, glamorous indeed,
Soon began to pack on the pounds, and enjoy every feed!
No matter what, she always put on a show,
Mommy and Daddy laughed, and Annaleigh enjoyed it too you know.

Eight weeks of an immeasurable roller coaster ride,
Sometimes scary, but on love, faith and hope is what we relied.
The baby girl we all grew to adore,
Was soon called back up to heaven once more.
She was too perfect, too precious, it was fate;
Her great-grandfathers were waiting for our angel at the gate.

That rainy August night, as God cried,
Pain was felt everywhere, it was worldwide.
The outpouring of support and prayers was so great,
For some the comfort was enough to sedate.
As the most beautiful angels lead her in,
Mommy and Daddy kissed her perfect porcelain skin.
In those last minutes a special picture was taken,
But that moment of all five together can only be felt within, don’t be mistaken.
A love too powerful for words to emit,
Your entire family will forever treasure you, down to every last bit.

Even if our gorgeous angel baby is out of sight,
She will always, always be here with us, our guiding light.
So if you feel sad, alone, confused, or teary eyed,
Look up to the sky, and Annaleigh Lucy will be by your side.


Michelle said...

what a touching poem. Great job Cousin Kim!

Michele from FTHS said...

Nice job, Kim.

Anonymous said...

I never got the full impact of this poem Kim until just now. You really did an excellent job. This was a truely beautiful tribute to Annaleigh and you were so brave while reading it.

All My Love, Auntie :)

Amy (MyColonyNJ) said...

Beautiful - just beautiful

Amy - MyColonyNJ

Mrs.X said...

What a beautiful poem.

mrsolsenk12 said...

Beautiful!!! I am crying now.

Kayla said...

That was beautiful and so perfect.

Jade said...

This was such a beautiful poem.

Tonya Lynn said...

Simply Beautiful. Very touching. Kim you did an incredible job.

Mom2Be said...

such a beautiful and touching poem.

Laura said...

What a beautiful poem. I know you will treasure this forever. The ability to write something so beautiful is a true gift. Thanks for sharing.

k-mart said...

That was beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! What a wonderful family you have.