Monday, August 17, 2009

Dress Up

Just this past week the babies have been allowed to start wearing clothes. If any of them stop gaining weight or start having trouble regulating their temperatures they will have to return to the diaper-only look, but for now they are all enjoying their nice outfits. I am especially enjoying dressing them up, and so are their nurses! Lily’s daytime nurse Julia bought all three babies cute little preemie outfits, and her nighttime nurse Carlotta bought the girls matching pink sleepers with ruffles on the butt. This morning I arrived to find the girls dressed in their matching outfits – so cute! The nurses were going to try to get a picture of the two of them together at some point, so I hope they managed to do it. Even more exciting then seeing them dressed each day in something cute is the fact that some of their clothes are starting to get a little small. The fact that anything is too small for them is great!

On that note, both girls gained weight today. Lily gained 25 grams after her feedings were increased to 26 ml. She is now eating the most among the three. Annaleigh gained another 20 grams which makes us happy – our little peanut needs to catch up to her siblings. Charlie had not yet been weighed as of our nighttime visit, but judging by the way he seemed to enjoy his 9:00 feeding we expect to see a nice increase from him as well.

All the babies had nice snuggles with us today, and Annaleigh tormented her nurse this morning by pooping all over during her diaper change and forcing the nurse to remake her entire bed. It was pretty funny, since I wasn’t the one who had to clean it up. But something tells me when they are home and I am the one cleaning up after them constantly things like that won’t be so amusing…

Charlie loves Mommy! I made up a song for Charlie to that effect, but being the creative genius I am, the lyrics are simply, “Mommy loves Charlie! Charlie loves Mommy!” It works though. Really.

Annaleigh shows off her naked noggin. It’s starting to reshape itself nicely since she’s been off the CPAP.

Lily gets in a cuddle with Daddy before it’s time to eat. The babies are starting to know when it’s mealtime and tend to get fussy right beforehand.


Lauren said...

What sweethearts! I agree - wiggly babies and poop are only amusing when someone else is changing them. :)

Michele from FTHS said...

Wonderful! Super! Fantastic! Way to go, Little D's!!! They get more beautiful as each day passes!!!!

Anonymous said...

You go my little angels... Hearing about clothes being way too small is exciting.

All My Love, Auntie :) xoxoxo

Karen said...

They are getting so big Brooke!!! I am so happy for you. They are just precious.

Doug H. said...

Yay for big babies! And I'm talking about the real babies not Joe. Although I'm sure the current state of the Mets makes Joe pout too.

Keep the babies growing and pooping those are the most important things.

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