Sunday, July 26, 2009

My First Shower

Last week I was thrown my first baby shower by my wonderful co-workers! I had gone into the office for a few hours to go over some things with my bosses, Pam and Vicki. Little did I know that, while there was some work involved, I was mainly there to be thrown a surprise baby shower. It was a wonderful little party! My fabulous co-workers spoiled me with tons of great baby gifts while we enjoyed a delicious cake and fruit tray. It was a very special day and it was a fantastic feeling to finally celebrate my precious babies. Thank you so much to everyone who helped make the day so special!

I really was surprised! Note the water bottled and notepad in my hands - I really thought I was going into that conference room to work.

The beautiful (and delicious) cake.

One of the many adorable outfits I received.

Lots of presents and friends.


The Madeira Triplets said... look fantastic, Brooke :D Like you never carried triplets at all! Glad you had such an awesome shower.

Lauren said...

Oh, Brooke, you so deserve this! Yay for celebrating!

The Home Cook said...

Yay! I'm so happy to hear you got to celebrate the babies. :)

mrsolsenk12 said...

How wonderful! You look amazing and it is great that they surprised you.

OMG Triplets said...

You look great! Yay! Glad you got to celebrate those three precious little babies!!!

Rachel said...

wow that's a TON of gifts! how nice!

Andrea said...

Aww, Brooke that was so nice of your co-workers!! You deserved it!

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Stephanie said...

How sweet of your coworkers! I'm so glad you got to enjoy the shower and to celebrate your beautiful babies!