Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Brooke's Triumphant Return!

Good news: Brooke made her triumphant return to the NICU today! She’s been feeling better and she’s got her energy back, so it was time to go see the babies. And what did Brooke get to see?

Annaleigh on CPAP!

Lily on BiPAP!

Charlie… is cute!

Annaleigh has recovered so well from her surgery that she skipped BiPAP and went directly back to CPAP. Basically, she’s breathing on her own and just getting her oxygen put directly into her nose. Lily’s steroid treatments finished and she was put on BiPAP. Unlike last time, she’s managing well so far. Her numbers are good and she’s not having too many episodes. This is a huge step for both girls!

Charlie is doing well but he’s not ready for any respiratory reduction just yet. He breath rates are down from 46 yesterday to 40 today (that’s the number of times the respirator forces a breath into his lungs), but his pressure is up from 15 to 16 (that’s the amount of pressure the respirator needs to inflate his lungs). They’ve started him on a similar course of steroids to the one Lily was on and they’re hoping that he builds some lung strength over the next week. The other change is that they’ve been feeding him slowly with a machine that stretches the feeding time out over an hour rather than the couple minutes he’s been used to. The hope is that by spreading out the feedings he’ll be able to tolerate the fortifier better so he can get the extra calories and gain some weight.

The only other news of the day is the weights. Annaleigh has surpassed Lily again and is now five grams heavier (960 grams to 955 grams). Lily is eating and getting the fortifier so I have a feeling that she will add weight faster. The plan is to start Annaleigh’s feedings maybe as soon as tomorrow. Regardless, Charlie remains the biggest—he’s the Chunk!

The only drawback to Annaleigh being put on CPAP is that we don't get to see her pretty face as much. We've really gotten to see how beautiful she is over the last few days, so we're hoping that she doesn't need the CPAP for too long.

Lily is much happier on her stomach, but she can't be on her stomach too much with the BiPAP tubes in her nose, so she's hasn't settled down much. She keeps her hands up in front of her face or on her head; everything seems so dramatic to The Bug!


Sue said...

Don't you just love when little girls are drama queens!! You guys are in big trouble when Lily becomes a teen!

Kellyn said...

So glad to hear the babies are still doing well. All 5 of you continue to be in my prayers! Stay strong babies! and grow! grow! grow! :-)

Michele from FTHS said...

Seems like a great day all around. Keep up the great work all you D's!!!!

Angela said...

Glad I found your blog! I'll be praying for you and your beautiful babies to stay healthy and strong! God works miracles everyday! You and your hubby are doing amazingly well thru the NICU days! So happy for you and your new family. We almost delivered at just 26 wks, so you are on my heart! God bless all of you!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely wonderful news!!!!!!!!!
You go my little loves!!!!!!!!!!!!
You can lick anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I do believe you have a little drama queen here. Smooches to everyone........

All My Love, Auntie :) xoxoxoxo

Marcie said...

I'm totally in love with Lily's personality. She is definately going to be your spunky little one. God bless them!

Doug H. said...

Fantastic news all around!

You guys are doing great. The babies have wonderful parents.

Sounds like all the babies are doing better too. Can't wait until they get to go home with you.

The Madeira Triplets said...

Wonderful news!!! Lol--the pictures are great. It's so amazing how the babies' skin color has changed since they have been gaining weight! I know what you mean with the CPAP--the first pictures I saw of two of my sons were of them with the CPAP tubes over their faces, and I couldn't stand it because I couldn't see what they looked like.