Monday, July 6, 2009

And on the 9th day...

… Annaleigh pooped! And this is more than a father’s pride in his daughter’s first poop. The fact that she was able to do that—on her own without no help from any suppository—means that her GI tract is working! Today’s x-rays show that her belly is shrinking and the infection seems to be going away! She’s not completely out of the woods yet, not until the antibiotics have run their complete seven-day course, but she’s in much, much better shape today than yesterday.

Both Charlie and Lily are settled nicely into their isolettes. Lily’s nurses decorated her new little house in all pinks, and Charlie is now surrounded by light blues. It’s nice to see the stereotypical baby gender colors in full force! They each received their last doses of neoprene, which is the drug that is supposed to shrink the ductus valve in their hearts. No word yet on when they’ll have an echocardiogram to check. If Annaleigh’s infection goes away, she can get herself on that medicine too.

The nurses gave us some of the babies’ laundry to do. They give it to the parents so that it doesn’t get mixed in with all the hospital laundry and lost. Brooke walked around with Lily’s little purple blanket all afternoon, and I’ve had her tiny pink washcloth on my shoulder since the nurse gave it to me a few hours ago. I expect us both to sleep with these trinkets tonight. It makes us feel a little like they’re here, even though we know they’re so far away.

Luckily, there’s nothing else to report. And in this case, no news is definitely good news. So instead of writing a bunch, I’m just going to post some extra pictures!

Annaleigh, with my beautiful big nose!

Charlie in his isolette

Lily in her isolette

Charlie was wide awake last night when we visited

Lily Bug's hand in her mommy's hand

Annaleigh sleeping soundly, which is very nice to see


Michele from FTHS said...

Diapers off to Annaleigh for pooping and way to go to all three for a great day!!!!!! Keep it up Little D's!!!!!

Kristi said...

I'm so happy to hear that everyone is doing ok!! And that Annaleigh's infection is clearing up!
When our trio was in the nicu, I'd take their extra little hats home with me so I could smell them while I was away from them. So I know exactly what you mean. ^_^
Your babies are doing so amazingly well! The last thing I do before I go to bed each night is check on your little ones. ^_^ Thanks for keeping us updated!!

Kristi from TC
Mommy to triplets born at 26w2d

Lani said...

Yay, Annaleigh!:) Glad it was a good day for you all! I look at those tiny pumpkins and the first thing I think is, you are going to be surprised how quickly they turn into little chunks!

Stacie said...

Yeah for poop! Way to go, Annaleigh!

Stacie from CA
Mom to twins born at 28w3d

Anonymous said...

OMG Annaleigh - I am sooooooooooo proud of you and sooooooooooo happy. Oh God - tears again - happy ones..... Keep it up my little angels.

I just love the way Lily lays - she seems to just want to be free and stretch. Love to all of you.

xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo Auntie :)

Anonymous said...

I just looked at the pictures again - I think Lily's smiling because she's touching you Brooke.
Cherish that - Cherish it all.

xooxoxoxoxo Auntie :)

Doug H. said...

Charlie is adorable. He has very expressive eyes.

Anonymous said...

The pictures are wonderful. Congrats to Annaleigh on the first poop! The prayers will continue. You have three terrific fighters on your hands and I am so thrilled for you that they continue to thrive each day.


The Home Cook said...

Fabulous news! It's great to see them doing so well. You guys are always in my thoughts. Hope to see you soon!

Bec said...

Aww, Charlie and Lily look very happy in their new, stylin' isolettes. It's great to see how much their little personalities are coming out, and how you can really tell them apart now. Go babies!

Thanks for the updates, guys... I look forward to the news and pictures every morning.

Amanda said...

Love the pictures!

Awesome news! We're praying for more and more good news over the upcoming days, weeks and months.

Colleen said...

Great news for all the babies today!

mrsolsenk12 said...

It is so great that the babies are all doing well. Moving into isolettes is such a big deal so congrats!!!

Karen said...

I am so glad to hear the babies are doing so well. They are constantly in my thoughts and prayers. It is wonderful to read about their amazing progress.


Anonymous said...

Keep on fighting , they are making great progress, and thanks for all the updates through all your tiredness !
They are beautiful babies, and you are so blessed.
Praise God!

Gary said...

Such great news on the infection. Keep it up little babies!

Courtney said...

All three of them look awesome today, and hip-hip-hooray for poop!

Enjoy your trinkets, and keep those pictures coming!


Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord!!
I know we don't know each other, I ran across your blog while looking for something else which happened to be day one. So now I click on to check on your family everyday.
God is so good, you all will continue to be in my prayers.
In Christ, Sherry

Katrina said...

Yay for poop! ;)
Great pictures and great news. I LOVE the picture of Lily and Mommy's hand. Precious!

Mom2Be said...

wow they are beyond teeny! You can really tell with the hand on the hand! I'm glad that they're doing well though and that you have two that have "graduated" to isolettes. YAY! : )

Jennifer said...

YAY for poop! I am actually a friend of Lauren's and my husband and I check your blog everyday and are thinking of you all. Welcome to the poop filled world of parenting!!!

The Paro Family said...

Yay for Anneleigh pooping! :) You never know how much you can care about poop until you become a parent.

I can remember bringing my son's little mittens, socks, and blankets home to sleep with because they smelled like him. Your babies are beautiful & I am so glad they all seem to be doing well!

Lauren said...

Hee hee, I still like to snuggle up with some of Ryan's stuff. :)

Yay for poop!

Lori (o: said...

What a terrific little tribe! Love the updates. I'm keeping these babies on my mind and sending all of the best to them in my thoughts and prayers. LOVE that you get to do some of their little laundry... I would definitely sleep with their blankies too! I have been known to even obsessively "sniff" my kids and their stuff (o: Weird right? You just love them so much!!! You just can't get enough. They're such a gift...
Great news that all is going so well,

BuckeyeBundle said...

it's funny how it's the smallest achievements bring such joy and happiness...YEA for POOP! :)And great news about her infection going away.

God bless you!