Friday, July 31, 2009

Cuddles and Blankets

So I guess it’s a good sign that everyone is doing well when we get to hold two of our babies twice in the same day.

This morning, Annaleigh and Lily were both having episodes. Their monitors were ringing back and forth as we were visiting. But then something amazing happened: their nurses got rocking chairs for us and pulled both girls out of their isolettes and plopped them down in our arms. And almost immediately, both girls settled down. We held Annaleigh for an hour and Lily for about 40 minutes, and after we put them back in their beds they both proceeded to have great days. It was as though the only medicine they needed was their mommy and daddy! What a great feeling!

When we returned for our evening visit, we got to hold the girls a second time, and Charlie came out for a snuggle with mommy too. Five baby cuddles in one day! What a fantastic day!

As far as their health is concerned, things are pretty much the same. Everyone is eating and growing (Annaleigh hit 1000 grams today-- we now have two kilo babies!), and they seem to be on track for where they need to be. Dr. Hiatt saw how upset we were before holding them this morning and assured us that things were going well and “the most dangerous part of their lives is behind them.” That was nice to hear.

Tomorrow has the potential to be a good day too. Lily’s nurse, a young girl we haven’t met very often, thinks that Lily is ready for some kangaroo cuddling! (I had no clue what that meant until very recently. Basically, it’s skin to skin contact. Brooke will take off her shirt and Lily will take off her blankets, and the nurse will lay Lily down on Brooke’s chest. The bare flesh contact is supposed to be great for the baby, but I have a feeling that it’s going to be great for us too.) So let’s just hope that there are no surprises between now and then so we can have some fun tomorrow.

Annaleigh could not have looked more comfortable during her evening cuddle with me. She slept soundly, kept her numbers steady, and gently chewed (gummed?) her feeding tube.

Lily... well, Lily is just fun to watch. She had just gone back into her isolette after a good long cuddle and she decided that it was time to stretch out. And she stayed like this until we left to go see Charlie. She's such a ham!

Charlie and Brooke in the fifth and final cuddle of the night.

We arrived at the NICU and found (for the second time) mail waiting for us. This time, a former student of mine and her mom sent us the most beautiful personalized baby blankets. When Brooke opened the box, she hadn't even taken them out when she giddily yelled, "oh my god I love them!" So thanks Jess Katz and Mrs. Katz. We really love the blankets (and the notes) and we appreciate the support. Are we lucky, or what???


Michele from FTHS said...

What a wonderful day for the D crew. You two must be thrilled. Keep up the good work, Little D's!!

Anonymous said...

Brooke is so HOT! What a lucky husband.

The Madeira Triplets said...

Very cute pics! Beautiful blankets--what an awesome, thoughtful gift. Kangaroo time is the BEST! It's incredibly funny to do two at day I looked down after feeling wriggling (I had fallen asleep with two on me) and one was kicking the other, trying to push him away! They do that all the time now when two try to sit down on my lap at the same time. I still remember that and laugh. Kangaroo care also allows you to discover that the best thing in the world is to have a fuzzy baby head (or not so fuzzy, but warm) curled up next to your neck. Heaven.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely wonderful news. Keep up the good work angels. I can't wait for you to do your Kangaroo snuggle. Enjoy all experiences with these little loves.

Congrats on the blankets - they're really beautiful.

You're doing great guys and smile - everything and everybody is on the right track. You go babies...

All My Love, Auntie :) xoxooxxo

Karla said...

I have been following your blog and am so impressed with your attitudes! You guys are amazing parents already! Your babies are truly miracles. Enjoy the kangaroo care; my favorite NICU experience. LOVE the blankets.

Quince Family said...

I swear, I tear up every time I read your blog (which I check daily)--the good updates are sometimes more tearful than the not-so-good updates. It all reminds me of my own son's experience in the NICU. The emotions come right back of the rollercoaster journey that only NICU parents can understand. When you write about kangaroo care it takes me back to when they told us we could do it. It's so, so, so amazing! I'm so glad the babies had a great day. Just know that we are all rooting for them (and you guys) to continue their growth and come home where you can snuggle them 24/7 if you want! Hugs!
Shady06 (from Multiple Mamas)

E. Merritt said...

Joe, Make sure you express your desire to do kangaroo care as well. It was the best thing for Kris (my husband) to have that skin-to-skin contact with the babies.

Bridget said...

I don't want jinx anything, but to hear that the doctor told you that the most dangerous part of their lives is behind them is such fantastic news. I just can't wait until they're big, healthy, and stable enough to go home with you guys.

Rebecca, from CT said...

Brooke & Joe, I just started reading your blog last night. I got the link from another triplet family's blog. I'm getting to know your babies through this blog and would like to share just a bit about myself before making any comments. First off my name is Rebecca. I am a labor & delivery nurse in a mall community hospital in CT, and also am a certified lactation consultant. My hospital does not deliver premies, let alone very preemie babies!!! But I do know a little bit about them. I want to comment on how your relationship inspires me. The hardship you have experienced through infertility, complications of pregnancy and a preterm delivery of triplets!! And you both still love each other!! And are able to get through each day together!! What great parents you are!! As for your babies...they are so cute!! As I get further through your blog, the babies are getting older, cuter and "meatier". It is so amazing to see the weight gain on their little bodies!!! It is truly amazing!!! I was surprised at how long it took for the mention of kangaroo care to be brought up!! But maybe it was because the babies were stable but not completely stable. Like I said, I don't take care of preemie babies, but do know how amazing KMC (kangaroo mother care) can be. And not just with mom, but with Dad too. So whenever you can, get those babies on your chest!!! As a lactation consultant I am so happy that you have decided to provide your babies with the best nutrition!!! Breastmilk!!! It may only be a few "mls" (as in Annaleigh's situation) but it is the best thing for her!!! I've started your blog at the very beginning, so I still have a ways to go. Keep standing strong for your babies!!!