Thursday, July 9, 2009

12 Days of Babies

Oh, Charlie. Why are you so naughty today???

Charlie has decided that he is just too lazy to do much breathing. He has had a lot of episodes, despite the fact that he’s on the respirator that breathes for him! During our morning visit, he only had a couple minor episodes. It was our evening visit that caused us some panic. He spent the last half hour we were there with his alarms sounding like a slot machine in AC. The doctor says he is stable, and we completely trust his judgment, but it is extremely disheartening to see Charlie behave this way.

The girls, on the other hand, are both doing really well. Their weights are both down a bit to 660 grams each (1 pound 7 ounces), but they’re fluctuating around their birth weights just as expected. All three babies are on caffeine, which helps the lungs develop.

Lily started feeding today at noon. She’s had breast milk every three hours and is (so far) digesting everything as planned. Dr. Hiatt says that her jaundice is “resolved,” which I’m hoping means that she doesn’t have to be under the phototherapy lights any more. Those lights are bright so they have to cover her eyes with thick foam padding, and Lily has the most beautiful eyes ever—it’s a real shame to cover them up!

Annaleigh had an eventful day. She started the morning by pulling out her feeding tube. She must have been jealous that Lily pulled out her respirator the day before. Luckily, Annaleigh’s feeding tube is only being used to help vent her stomach of excess air, and with her infection totally gone there isn’t as much air that needs venting. So they reinserted the tube and expect to start feeding her in a few days. They also did a follow-up ultrasound on her brain today. She had a very minor brain bleed when they checked all the babies last week, and this was just a precautionary follow up. We haven’t gotten the results yet, but if it were bad news the doctors would have called us right away.

That’s the news from baby-land. Thanks to everyone for inquiring about my dad. He’s still in the hospital and suffering through a liquid diet. He couldn’t have any tests today because his blood count was too low and they had to finish giving him a transfusion. Hopefully tomorrow they’ll start figuring out what’s up.

And to those wondering about our friend Lauren, she was induced this morning at 10 am, and STILL has no baby. Apparently, her new son/daughter is extremely comfortable and unwilling to leave the womb! Go Lauren!


Anonymous said...

yay i'm the first one to comment! this is a feat, usually twenty people beat me to it. haha. anyway, the babies are looking so good, i feel like they look like they're growing, even though their weights are about the same. charlie, remember to breathe! i forget sometimes too. and it seems like the girls are becoming pretty curious about their environments, even becoming a little hands-on... lots of good thoughts and prayers for babies, parents, and grandpa D. and lauren and baby(ies?) too!

Michele from FTHS said...

It is wonderful to see the babies doing well. We need to remind Charlie to breathe....boys have such minds of their own ;-). Grandpa needs to follow his grandbabies leads and get better. Brooke and guys seem to be adjusting to life out of the hospital just fine. Pretty soon those babies will be at home and you two won't be sleeping at all. I bet ya can't wait. As always, you all (including Grandpa and Lauren) are in my thoughts are prayers. MUAH!

Amanda said...

It's just the start of a very long road: the "my kids make me crazy" road. ;) I hope Charlie behaves from here on out (the girls too!) and stop making you worry so much.

The babies look so sweet. Thanks for posting pictures.

Anonymous said...

C'mon Charlie - you can do this...
Just keep breathing...

All My Love Always, Auntie :) xoxoxo