Sunday, January 16, 2011

Winter Week and a snow day

Since I knew that snow was in the forecast for this past week, I decided it was the perfect time for Winter Week for Charlie and Lily. We read Penguin's Snowy Day and sang "I'm a Little Snowman," a song that I found on a wonderful blog, No Time for Flash Cards. The blog is full of amazing lessons, crafts, songs and book suggestions for young children - check it out! For our art project, we made cotton ball snowmen.
Then, on Wednesday, we were treated to the perfect winter lesson - a snow storm and a snow day! School was closed for Joe due to the weather, so Charlie and Lily got to spend a great morning cuddling with Daddy while watching Sesame Street.
Then they watched Daddy shovel the snow. They enjoyed it from afar, but were happy to stay inside where they were warm and cozy in their snowflake pjs.
Like any good snow day, you get a little restless after awhile, so Charlie amused himself by tormenting Roy. Roy was decidedly LESS amused.
We also had many, many readings of their new favorite book, Brown Bear, Brown Bear. They bring it to us over and over and over again.
In the afternoon we baked cookies. A few months ago my Mothers of Multiples group did a fundraiser at which I purchased tubs of Crayola cookie dough. It's sugar cookie dough that's brightly colored and made with pasteurized eggs so it's safe if kids eat it. We gave some yellow and blue dough to Charlie and Lily, along with some sprinkles and white chocolate chips and let them go to town. Unfortunately, there was more tasting than shaping the dough.
Our finished cookies. Masterpieces, no?
Then, after a much needed bath, Charlie and Lily took time to text their peeps to tell them all about their fun day. It's important to stay connected, even on a snow day.


Meg said...

Looks like you guys are enjoying your time indoors. The cookie/clay stuff looks like so much fun. Hey, there are a lot worse books out there then Brown Bear, Brown Bear--so let's be thankful that is the one you are reading over and over again. ;) Roy definitely does not look so amused. Hopefully he is a good sport though.

Alisha said...

Your kids are just uber cute!