Sunday, January 23, 2011

Play dates!

This past week Charlie and Lily have been quite busy entertaining their friends. Yesterday, they met Rebecca for the first time. Rebecca is the daughter of our good friend, Ryan, and his wife Stacey. Joe and I actually hadn't even seen Ryan and Stacey since my baby shower 15 months ago (!!!) so we were long overdue for a visit. They came to hang out and have lunch with us on Saturday, and Charlie and Lily had a great time playing with Rebecca. She is such a smart, sweet little girl!And, as you can see, Rebecca is also very pretty. Which is why Charlie did not mind at all when she gave him his first kiss! The two of them were crawling through the tunnel when Rebecca stopped, turned around and gave Charlie a kiss on the lips. It was adorable, and he was totally blushing afterwards ;)
Rebecca liked using the ride on toys the way they were intended - to be ridden on. Charlie and Lily never try to ride then, but today Lily climbed on up. She obviously learned from watching Rebecca yesterday! We also had a visit last week with my friend Jill and her daughter, Maya. Maya is such a trip and loved exploring all Charlie and Lily's new toys. She brought her baby doll, which prompted Lily to bring out her baby, and the two of them sat swapping dolls. Maya also helped her mommy give Charlie and Lily a good tickle.
This morning I came into the living room and found this:
I can only assume that Lily thought Roy looked lonely on the couch and was inviting him to play with her. A few days ago she spent time combing Roy's fur with the toy comb from her jewelry box. Roy looks thrilled to be included in all the fun, doesn't he?
Charlie thinks breakfast is better with bacon. Mmmm!


Anonymous said...

A kiss on the lips... Oh No - set the date - as Mom Mom would say...

xoxooxo :)

Alisha said...

they are just so cute! My kids are obsessed with including our cat in everything as well ... they are not usually successful. haha