Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy 2011! Charlie and Lily didn't do much partying last night, but they seemed to enjoy the first day of the new year. We had a blizzard here the day after Christmas, but post-holiday craziness and daily chores and such kept us from getting out in the snow. Until today, that is. Before lunch we bundled Charlie and Lily up in their brand new snow clothes (thanks, Crackers!) and took them outside for a spin in their new toboggans (thanks, Grandma and Grandpa!). They weren't really sure what to make of the whole experience, but they both loved when Joe and I ran while pulling the tobbogans. Going fast is fun! (And if I'd known how hard it is to run through a foot of snow while pulling nearly 50lbs of baby behind me, I'd have skipped my 30 Day Shred workout this morning.)

Lily modeling her snow pants.
Charlie waiting for the rest of his ensemble.

"Mommy, Daddy - why is HE in this picture too? I work alone."
Cruising through the snow.

Getting a bird's eye view of the snow from Daddy.


happy_wife said...

These pics are too cute!!! I really think you have the happiest, smiliest kiddos around!!!! They are just too adorable! And Crackers did a great job on the snow outfits-so precious!


Erin said...


I just stumbled across your blog and wanted to tell you how lovely your children are. They look so cute in the snow... :) I have never been tobogganing myself as I live in New Zealand and it doesn't snow here much, but your blog is great!

Also just wanted to say that I am one of a twin and that my brother and I were born really prematurely too (10 weeks early). Life has sure had its challenges, including me having Cerebral Palsy, but I continue to feel very lucky and blessed as I'm sure you do too. I hope your 2011 is filled with much more luck and many blessings for you and your family.



Brooke said...

Hi Erin:

Wow - you're reading all the way from New Zealand! I think that's very cool :) Thank you for commenting - I'm glad to hear you and your brother are doing well. Tobaggoning is fun, but I persoanlly hate the cold and the snow!

Dawn Bryan said...

Absolutely precious! Your kids make me smile at the end of a long day! So happy for your family...