Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or Treat! Charlie and Lily's First Halloween

Today Charlie and Lily went trick or treating! Well, sort of. They didn't get any candy, but they made two sets of grandparents very, very happy!

Last night, Joe, half joking, said that we should dress the babies up today and take them trick or treating at their grandparents house. He was surprised when I thought it was a great idea! The grandparents houses are germ free with no crowds, so we thought there would be no harm in taking the babies on their first non-doctor outing. So this morning we dressed the babies in their Halloween finest - a pumpkin onesie and hat for Charlie and a ghost onesie and hat for Lily - and after their late morning bottle we packed everyone up and headed out.

Our first stop was to Grandma Anne and Grampa Fred's house. Boy were they surprised when the doorbell rang and they found two of the tiniest trick or treaters waiting on their porch. The grandparents got in a snuggle, and then we were back in the car heading to see Crackers and Grandad Ron (might we add that it's pretty convenient that our parents live less than 2 minutes from one another and less than 10 minutes from us!). Both were thrilled to see their grandbabies, and Aunt Jill also happened to be over there visiting and got to fuss over the babies in their cute outfits. The babies, however, were less that excited by their first holiday and slept most of the time we were out, but Joe and I sure had fun!

Aside from celebrating the holiday, Charlie and Lily are doing great. Today was a wonderfully fun day with the babies, but we certainly did not forget about our Annaleigh. A few weeks ago Joe came across the Triplet Butterfly Wings blog. Rachel, the woman behind the blog lost her triplet babies in 2007 and now raises and releases butterflies in memory of other sweet angels. Joe contacted her and yesterday a beautiful yellow monarch was released in Annaleigh's name. You can see the butterfly and her tribute here.

Charlie and Lily were so excited for Halloween that they couldn't stay awake.

Our little pumpkin Charlie seemed to love his outfit.

It's a Boo Bug! Doesn't she look thrilled?

Ready for trick or treating!

Charlie and Grampa Fred discuss the World Series.

This was Lily at 5:00 am this morning. That is one WIDE awake Bug.

The babies weren't the only ones who had a nice day. Today was the type of day Roger loves more than any other. Leaves were falling and it was super windy. The perfect storm for window sitting!


Lauren said...

Oh, they are so sweet! And what a nice surprise for their grandparents!

Annaleigh's tribute is beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with us.
Happy Halloween from a fireman and his dalmation!

Jen said...

Love these pics! I can't wait to see those babies tomorrow. Aren't these holidays so much fun now!?

Lori (o: said...

Ahhh... Halloween with new babies is just so fun. What a terrific family day!

Rebecca, from CT said...

Love the Halloween "costumes."

Momma said...

If it's possible, they get cuter everyday....


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful post - everyone had their day... And an absolutely beautiful tribute to our sweet little Annaleigh who is forever in our hearts.

Trick or Treat - my little loves. I ate the candy for you since Mommmy and Daddy said no. But next year you can have the real thing - Chocolate............. Yummy.........

All My Love, Auntie :) xoxoxo

Christi said...

Not to take away from how absolutely adorable your little ghost and goblin are, but the tribute to Annaleigh was just breathtaking...and tear producing. Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

They are both just too darn cute!!! What a beautiful family!! I'm sure you made your parents & sister's day!!

Your tribute to Annaleigh was just beautiful. Thanks for sharing it. Your beautiful angel will never be forgotten!

Lanie said...

We had those same onesies. Too cute!!

Anonymous said...

I've been following your blog for a few months. So glad to see the babies home. I'm giggling at the carseat pics -- I love when they are so little that their carseat harnesses take up their entire torso, LOL. You won't believe it in a few months, when they are so much bigger in their carseats, how little they used to be.

Best wishes!

Cindy said...

So adorable!!! They get bigger right before your eyes.