Monday, October 12, 2009

Quiet Columbus Day

Who knew Columbus Day could be so much fun?!?

Last night Brooke and I realized that Charlie and Lily were acting a little funny. Both of them were having a hard time with their bottles, they didn't want to sleep much, and they fussed when they weren't being held. Add to that the fact that Charlie hasn't pooped in a few days and Lily sounds extra reflux-y (yup, I invented a word) and we've got all the makings of somebody getting sick. It's been less than two weeks since Charlie came home and just one week now since Lily came home, and in that time the babies have gone from a calm, routine environment where nobody but nurses bothered them to a place where there is always something new happening. Everything from our pets and our relatives to always being with each other has gotten to be maybe a bit too much for them. So to combat this, we decided that today was going to be a "quiet day." No visitors, no new experiences, and no unnecessary stimulation.

And I'm happy to report that today was an absolutely wonderful day! We did nothing but spend time with them. We even closed the window shades and swaddled them up and had a legit nap time in the middle of the afternoon; both babies napped quite soundly for about four hours, which is a first. Brooke even tried to feed both babies at the same time. She propped each of them up on their boppies and used folded up blankets to prop the bottles. It seemed to work quite well. Lily had some major reflux afterward so we need to do it again to see if it was the position that caused it or if it was just a coincidence.

Our nights have been getting better. We've both managed to sleep more than the first few nights while the other manages feedings and diaper changes. Two nights in a row now we've both managed to get at least five consecutive hours of sleep. Add a cat nap during the day to that and we're not quite sleep-deprived. Let's hope this keeps up!

Lily is really doing well with her Tummy Time. She seems to be getting some muscle in her neck and can now hold her head up for more than a few seconds on her own.

This is the life!

Charlie loves mommy. Mommy loves Charlie. It's a match made in heaven.

This is how they napped today. Brooke and I were both giddy with happiness when we saw.

This tandem feeding thing may actually be possible....

We had hoped that the glow worm would help soothe them to sleep. It didn't.

This just makes me happy.


Anonymous said...

Oh, reflux is no fun! :( That's too bad that it's bothering Lily so much still. With being a preemie, are they able to be medicated? My son had some issues with reflux as well. It tapered off after a few months (he was on Pepcid) now we just use Mylanta as needed.

Today sounds like a perfect, wonderful day! Hope nights keep going so smooth! Hooray!

They're both just so stinkin' adorable! :)

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with a nice quiet day with just mommy & daddy! These pictures and videos are just so cute! I'm glad to hear you guys are getting more sleep! Keep up the good work babies!!!

Melissa said...

It is wonderful to hear how great things are going at home and how well Lily and Charlie are doing. Tandem feeding will get better with practice and is a real life and time saver. I know in the beginning, I felt like all I did was change diapers and feed babies until I figured out a way to feed both my girls at the same time. Keep up the great work!
Melissa (MelZull)

Anonymous said...

it goes without saying that my heart is all joyous and swooning from the videos and pictures... so i would just like to point out the fact that you said "legit"!!!! =P <3 <3 nikki joy

E. Merritt said...

Tandem feeding is the way to go. Good job at your first attempt. We use two bouncers, worked better than the boppys for us. We also bought a "milk maid" bottle propper and one of the baby uses it religiously.

Gretchen said...

Congrats on the nice quiet day. It is def. necessary to do what you think is right for them and sometimes they just need nice quiet PJ days (that's what we call days that are just Mommy, Daddy, Meara and relaxation at my house), thankfully it sounds like you have an amazing family and support system and that they understand. That is AWESOME that you're getting more sleep at night and you guys are such happy patient parents and soaking up all the enjoyment of having babies and your time with them! It's so nice to see that!

I was so excited to see another post from you guys so soon!

It seems that Brooke is mastering the holding both babies and she absolutely GLOWS when holding them!!! Both of you... I won't say that Joe glows but you can definitely see how proud you are of them and Brooke, awesome!

Anonymous said...

So glad everything is going so well! A nd yes tandem feeding is awesome. I found a really great way with a boppy for one and the inside of my knee (bent leg) for the other while sitting on the couch. I could even email a photo if you'd like. I've tried to describe it before and I think it's too confusing to explain, but it worked wonders for us and life got so much easier once we could easily do this. my e-mail is if your intersted. Again- so happy things are well!

Anonymous said...

Quiet calm days are needed and you may need more so do them when necessary.

As usual the pictures are great but my favorite is when they are sleeping together. I love it...

It is funny how they're personalities are - Charlie is a typical laid back man in our family and Lily is a typical curious woman. Nothing wrong with either personality.

Keep up the good work guys. And definitely keep those pictures and videos coming.

All My Love, Auntie :) xoxoox

Anonymous said...

So you don't yell at me: OOPS I used the wrong they're. I am correcting myself Joe to:

All My Love, Auntie :) xoxoxo

Colleen said...

Glad you four could have a nice, quiet family day! Looks like you've got your hands full with Miss Lily there! Love that last video though :)

cd said...

Sometimes you just have to say enough is enough. I did this yesterday with my two year old. After a crazy weekend, I had a tired, gripy, not feeling so well little man. Thankful a day of rest was just what the doctor ordered. Way to go you're doing just what good parents do - listening to your instincts. It's so easy to overstimulate a baby.

Stephanie said...

Again, love the videos! I am glad to hear you are actually (somewhat) sleeping- that's impressive with two little babies. Thanks for the update =)

happy_wife said...

Charlie and The Bug are to cute!!

I showed my husband this pic of Charlie and Lily napping together...when I showed him the pic, I asked him: "what is better than this??"

After he saw the picture, he quickly replied "Nothing."

I completely agree.

Amy said...

Aww, so glad you guys had a good day! :) Hope the reflux and constipation get better soon. And great job with the tandem feeding! Glad it seems to be working for you; it really does make life SO much easier! (OK, still not easy ... but less challenging. ;))
~ Amy/"Macchiatto"

Jennifer and Daniel said...

Ours had a fascination with lights Cute pictures, love the video. Glad to see everyone is doing well. My little girl has reflux to..the Enfamil AR helped her a lot, and keeping her propped up in her crib helped does get better. We had pooping issues also..noticed that when they had to "go" they would get fussy and refuse there bottle, and then after they pooped they were good again (it's a lot of are all doing a terrific job.

The Paro Family said...

I realize you two have little to no spare time for silly "blogger awards" but I nominated you for one on my blog a couple days ago so feel free to check it out if you feel so inclined. :) If you don't get around to it, I totally understand!!

Reflux was the bane of our existence for MONTHS! I hope the babies' down time helped them!!