Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Letter F

Letter F Week! To celebrate, we sang "Five Green and Speckled Frogs" and talked about the different members of our family. Charlie and Lily also got to visit with lots of family members this week - they saw Crackers, Mom-Mom, Pop-Pop, Uncle John, Aunt Bec, Nana, Great-Grandma Lucy and Great-Grandpa Fred all in one week!

For art, Charlie and Lily decorated Fs with feathers. Feathers are fun!
They also tore tissue paper squares and used them to decorate fish. I had forgotten, however, that our cat Roger has a serious addiction to eating tissue paper. Two toddlers tearing tissue paper creates a colorful buffet for a cat :P
Lily likes it when her baby doll does whatever she does. So I have to wash the baby's hands before lunch, the baby goes down for her nap when Lily does, etc. Lily also asks me to change the baby's diaper often, so the other day I handed Lily a diaper and told her to go ahead. Even with a little help from Charlie (and a Pluto figurine) it was a little tricky to figure out.But we got it ;)
I recently moved Charlie and Lily's arm chairs from their bedroom down to the living room. They love lounging in them with a snack and some Elmo.
And they love to play with Daddy! Here's everyone "sleeping". Too bad it was just pretend ;)

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I need a Charlie and Lily visit... :) xoxoxoxxo