Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Letter E

Last week was E Week! We read Green Eggs and Ham and sang "Do Your Ears Hang Low." For our art project, Charlie and Lily made E elephants. We used the dot paints again for these, which I are just so great for toddlers. Charlie and Lily love them.
I also hard-boiled some eggs for Charlie and Lily to check out. My plan was for us to dye them orange and put jack-o-lantern faces, but I got lazy and decided to skip the dying :P Instead we attempted to color the eggs and put stickers on them, but the stickers wouldn't stick and the crayon didn't really show up. So we ended up just sending the eggs rolling down Charlie's car ramp and hiding them under cups and guessing which cup had the egg. They also tasted the eggs. I knew they would hate the texture, but Lily insisted we "open" one, so I did. She took a giant bite with a ton of enthusiasm...and then spit it right out, lol. But I had some delicious egg salad for lunch that afternoon.
And now just a few random pics! After Lily finished her lunch the other day she came back to the table to bug Charlie while he was still eating. They were so cute though - Charlie kept leaning down and putting his head on hers. Of course, I didn't catch that on camera.Lily reading one of her and Charlie's favorite books, Raindrops: Showers of Color. They pretty much have it memorized and can "read" it to themselves.
Within the last few weeks Charlie has fallen in love with his "binket." It no longer can stay in his crib during the day - he has to bring it downstairs with him and carry it around.
After music class on Wednesday, Charlie, Lily and I stopped at the farm market to get some mums and pumpkins. Charlie and Lily had a great time picking out the pumpkins, and were wonderful helpers when it came to pushing the cart. We also picked up Daddy's favorite caramel apple walnut pie, and the whole way home Charlie and Lily were yelling, "Daddy pie! Daddy be happy!" And he was :)


Tracey's Life said...

They are adorable, and it sounds like they are really becoming little "people" with whom you can have conversations with.

Anonymous said...

:) xoxoxoxoxxo