Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Letter D

This week Charlie and Lily learned about the letter D. We read Oh My, Oh My, Oh Dinosaurs and sang "Five Little Ducks." We went outside to dig in the sand table, and practiced on of their favorite activities - dancing! For art, Charlie and Lily made ducks.
We also made drums. To decorate the drums, I had Charlie and Lily do some finger painting. I also gave them cookie cutters to dip in the paint and stamp on the paper. Charlie loves stamping!
Once the paintings were done and dry, I wrapped them around empty oatmeal canisters to make drums. But of course, before I could do that, the activity had to end as it always does - with some body painting (this is why we paint in just diapers...).
This time they were so messy that we had to go right to the bathtub. No one seemed to mind though.
On Monday Lily had a follow-up orthopedist appointment. After 2 hours in the waiting room (2 hours!!!), Lily had another x-ray which showed that her fracture is healing but is not fully mended yet. She has to wear her sling for another 2 weeks and then we go back for another x-ray (and hopefully a shorter wait). The sling doesn't slow her down a bit, as you can see. She can still easily feed her baby doll while wearing two stacking rings on her feet like high heels. Can YOU do that?!?And a big thank you to Pop-Pop! He watched Charlie all on his own for me while I took Lily to the doctor. This was the longest stretch that Pop-Pop has ever flown solo and he did an amazing job! He stepped right up and fed Charlie lunch when I realized that Lily and I were at the doctor for the long haul, and he even changed a poop diaper. Pop-Pop rocks! Miss Lily deserves some props too, as she was an absolute angel at that appointment. We know that 2 hours is equal to about 3 days in toddler time, but Lily was such a good girl in the waiting room, charming the other patients, playing make believe games and turning the chairs into her own personal jungle gym. She didn't even mind that her lunch ended up being a package of peanut butter cheese crackers from my emergency snack stash.


Anonymous said...


The babies are beautiful. The wait time in the orthopedist office was insane, and completely insensitive. Maybe you should have another orthopedist waiting in the wings. Hate to say it, but this probably won't be your only time dealing with fractures.

Sheila said...

This Minnesota girl loves your Gophers shirt!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Lily with those make believe heels and Kudos to Pop Pop. BTW - how do I comment on Pop Pop's video's? I Love the
'I Love You' one...

All My Love, Auntie :) xoxoxox

Brooke said...

Lol, thanks Sheila! The comapny I used to work for had a branch in Minnesota and I got the shirt when I was there on a business trip. There's something about a gopher as a mascot that I find hysterical.