Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend this year was HOT, but that didn't stop Charlie and Lily from hitting some cookouts! Thankfully, we travel with our trusty water table so they stayed nice and cool while joining in the fun.

Sunday was the annual turkey fry at Crackers' house.
Crackers set up the sprinkler too, so there was lots of wet fun. Lily loved the sprinkler, but Charlie needed a little help from Aunt Jill to get into it.
Charlie liked spending time with my mom's neighbors, Carmel and Norma. He's such a ladies' man!
Shoulder rides are fun!
And so is Nana!
Today we went to our friends Lauren and Pat's house for a little cookout with them and their two sons, Ryan and Danny. More water fun was had by all!

And Charlie and Lily enjoyed checking out Ryan and Danny's awesome swing set.

After dinner, Charlie spent some quality guy time with Danny.

But Lily made herself at home with all the boy toys. Football? Great!
And after a few trips up and down Lauren and Pat's stairs, it was time to call it a holiday weekend.

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