Saturday, June 4, 2011

Fruit and Veggie Week

Well, Fruit and Veggies Weeks, actually. I stuck with this lesson for two weeks because the weather has been so incredibly nice that we've spent a lot of time outside. As the first week came to an end I realized we'd barely done any of the things I planned, so I decided to just extend it by a week.

This was a fun lesson though! We read L, M, N, O, Peas (a super cute alphabet book) and watched the "Veggies Revolt" segment on Sesame Street. Charlie and Lily learned to identify all the fruits and vegetables in their play kitchen and we made a chart categorizing items as fruits or vegetables. Charlie did all the gluing here - he loves to glue!
For art we made torn paper apples.

This past week we also got rid of the high chairs and moved Charlie and Lily to booster seats at the table. They really like sitting at the "big table" and dinner time is so much nicer now that we all sit together as a family.As I mentioned above, we've been spending a lot of time outside since the weather has been so nice and warm. We had a lot of rain the week before, which brought out the ducks, so Charlie, Lily and I tried hard to make friends with some. We found a few in our front yard and ran out with some bread, but the ducks wanted nothing to do with us. But then, as luck would have it, the next evening a duck came right into our backyard to eat from our bird feeder. This duck was much friendlier and happily ate our bread.
And now my public service announcement to toddler moms everywhere: If you don't have a water table for your child(ren), get one. Now. Charlie and Lily LOVE their water table - it amuses them endlessly. In fact, one day last week I was able to sit in a chair next to them and READ while they played happily for almost an hour. And look how happy it makes them!
In contrast to fruit and veggie week, Nana brought Charlie and Lily some yummy bakery cupcakes on Friday. That evening we took them outside and let them go to town on the treats. Yum!
Thanks, Nana!

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Anonymous said...

My favorite picture is up and I just realized that there's a duck in it... :) xoxoxoxoxoxo
P.S. Charlie and Lily can visit our vegetable garden this weekend and see tomatoes on a vine... :)