Saturday, June 18, 2011

Five Senses: Taste and Smell

This week we focused on the senses of taste and smell. This was a fun week! Charlie and Lily started the week by smelling different spices from the kitchen - cinnamon, garlic, nutmeg and oregano. They took a whiff of each, then I recorded their reactions in a little smell chart. As you can see, Charlie liked all the smells except oregano while Lily only liked the smell of cinnamon.
Our art project was yogurt finger painting. Charlie and Lily really liked this! I put vanilla yogurt into a muffin tin and used food coloring to dye the cups different colors. I spread out a towel, gave Charlie and Lily some paper and let them go to town.
We also baked brownies together. Joe was home early from work on Tuesday so he was able to help us out in the kitchen. Charlie was very excited to see the box of brownie mix.
Tasting the chocolate chips before adding them to the batter. Quality control is very important.
Stir it up!
Is it time for the tasting part yet?!?! This lesson rocks!"


Janet said...

Seeing Charlie and Lily thrive is wonderful. I bet their sister sprinkles smile dust on them while they sleep...they are so happy! It's a beautiful family you have :)

Momof1 said...

I tried the yogurt painting with my daughter (18 mo) and she ended up eating 1/2 of the dyed yogurt ha ha! Great ideas!

Anonymous said...

I especially loved the expression on Lily's face - she seemed to thinking - what the heck is this stuff that I'm dumping my hands into - while Charlie seemed to love it... I agree with Charile - the taste testing is the best part of baking... :)

All My Love, Auntie :) xxoxoxo