Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pumpkin Picking

On Sunday, Joe and I took Charlie and Lily to pick their first pumpkins. We chose a popular local orchard to visit and had a great time!

Look at all those pumpkins!
Lily carefully examined all of the already-picked pumpkins to see if one would suit her needs. Charlie thought they all looked good!Charlie was so happy the entire trip, and spent a lot of time grinning and waving at people as we pulled him and Lily in their wagon. He especially liked when one of the hay rides drove past and he could wave at all the riders.
At the pumpkin patch, each baby chose a pumpkin to pick. Charlie liked this one best.
Lily got some help from Daddy locating the perfect one.
Everyone was happy with their selections!

We didn't make it over to the apple picking orchard, but the main farm had a little grove of apple trees that we checked out.
Lily deemed the apples delicious.
The orchard is famous around here for their apple cider donuts, so we couldn't leave without picking some up. It was a tasty end to the day!


Stephanie said...

You must have been at Delicious Orchards! I live pretty close to you guys I guess! I LOVE those doughnuts... a bit too much haha! The babies are so cute and are getting so big!

Heather said...

Love these pictures, Brooke! Our favorite thing... pumpkin.

Brooke said...

Steph - it was actually Terhune Orchards!

Stephanie said...

Really?!?! Where is that?

Well if you've never been to Delicious Orchards you must go! It's so good- it's on 34 in Colts Neck.