Saturday, September 25, 2010

Germie Stoppers

Anyone who knows me or who is a regular reader of this blog knows that since giving birth to my micro-preemies, I've become a hard-core germaphobe. Hand sanitizer is my best friend, and I carry Clorox wipes with me everywhere. And I do NOT like people touching Charlie and Lily. Even our immediate family and closest friends know there is a "hands off" policy until they've washed their hands and used hand sanitizer. As for strangers, I really hate nothing more than people I've never met trying to touch my babies. While I have no problem pulling the stroller away and saying, "Please don't touch them" when someone reaches down, I prefer to be able to avoid the situation all together. So I was thrilled when I won these adorable Germie Stoppers from LilStein Styles from a giveaway on Multiples and More. They arrived yesterday - just in time to get them on Charlie and Lily's stroller before RSV season begins!


AngelaBeth said...

I think it's wise to keep your children away from strangers (who knows how well they washed their hands after they last went to the bathroom.. if at all! Kids can get staph infections SO quick.. even styes!) and I think it's wise to have people wash their hands. Just make sure you're not hyper-sanitizing things. Little bodies need to learn slowly how to fight off dirt, germs, and basic illnesses on their own. Sounds like you've got a pretty good balance... you still take them on outings and such. Now if you locked them in the house and never let anyone touch them AND made visitors wear those booties over their shoes and masks over their mouths... I'd be worried! LOL

Michele from FTHS said...

I do Bathroom Duty at school soooooo........GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!!!

JoLynn said...

I so agree. We were thankful to get some red stop signs from the NICU when the kids were born. Unfortunately, sometimes I think the sign needs to be bigger. I am amazed at the people that reach right around and touch their face as I am trying to pick out some apples at WalMart! Just a few more weeks of gadding around and then we are going to hibernate for the winter. Slightly less than last year when the kids were very little, but still.