Friday, September 17, 2010

Farm Week

For three years in college I worked as a teacher's assistant in the toddler room of the wonderful Goddard School in West Long Branch, NJ. I was recently thinking back on my time in the toddler room and all the fun and educational activities we used to do with the kids, and I realized that I wanted to share some of those experiences with Charlie and Lily. So I decided that I would put my toddler room experience to good use and set about creating learning weeks for Charlie and Lily. Each week will have a theme, and we'll do activities based around that theme. Nothing major or complicated - we'll read a book, sing a song, do a super simple craft, etc. - over the course of a week. I figured that this would help me come up with some new things to do with Charlie and Lily, rather than just play with the same toys over and over, and hopefully they'll pick something up along the way!

So I started this past week with the theme of the farm. During the week we read our touch-and-feel farm book and sang "Old MacDonald." We watched the Baby Einstein DVD Baby MacDonald and made pigs out of paper plates. I brought out the Little People Farm that Charlie and Lily had received for their birthday and we played with that, and I opened up a farm puzzle for them to check out.

We all had a lot of fun this past week, and I'm excited for all the learning weeks to come. I plan to take pictures each week so I can share what we're learning :)

Lily admiring her very first art project (the babies helped me press the nose and ears onto the paper plate).

Note to self: Don't attempt photos when Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is on.
Checking out the Little People Farm


Alison said...

I love it! I'm a speech therapist that works with kids with significant disabilities. I'm sure you have a lot of great ideas, but I thought I'd add a couple of suggestions! I think for their age, the farm animals is a great start, but you can get a lot more use out of them by breaking it down into a different farm animal each week, rather than using them all up in one week! I'd run out of ideas fast! Also, I've found some great materials on I've gotten a lot of use out of their cooking book for kids. My nonverbal kids are very motivated to talk when we work with food! And the cooking projects could tie in with your themes! They also have a craft idea book for 2 year olds, but I haven't bought that yet. I don't want you to think I'm trying to sell anything to you - I just like spreading the word when I find a good resource for my kids at work! And now I'm going to steal your idea of having a theme at home for my baby girl!

Lisa said...

what a fun idea! looking forward to seeing your other themes.

Anonymous said...

Looks like we have some more artists in the family... Keep it up angels... Oh by the way - Lily - I love that hair...

All My Love, Auntie :) xxoxoxox

Lisa said... know my two were born just a couple of weeks after yours at 26 wks and we did the MRSA/isolation thing too - also my boy. I had been thinking literally the day before reading this about having themes. And with cows, horses, chickens, and sheep in walking distance, the farm was a natural choice!