Sunday, September 19, 2010

Happy 1st birthday, Danny!

Today Charlie, Lily, Joe and I took a trip to Lebanon, PA to celebrate the 1st birthday of my best friend Colleen's youngest son, Danny. (Her son Jonathon is 4 1/2 and daughter Caitlin is almost 3.) Since Lebanon is about 2 hours from our house, we don't get to see Colleen and her family as often as we'd like, so we were super excited to be making the trip for Danny's party. Charlie and Lily had a fantastic time at the party. They loved tossing balloons around with Danny, and Lily bonded with Caitlin. They snacked on soft pretzels and watched Danny go to town on his birthday cake. It was a such a fun day!

"We heard there was cake..."
Danny wanted to try out his new chair, and Charlie wanted to steal the ribbon.
Lily with her new BFF, Caitlin.
It's Danny's party, but Lily will cry if she wants to.
Presents are exciting!
Check out the amazing cake and sugar cookies, made by Ashley of The Cookie Sheet Bakery.
Here's a boy who knows what to do with a birthday cake!
A quick pic with Mommy and Daddy before getting a very necessary bath.


happy_wife said...

So cute! I love Lily's dress and the cookies look so yummy!!! What a fun time!

AshleyC @ thecookiesheetbakery said...

Thanks Brooke for posting about my cookies and cakes. It was great to finally meet you.