Monday, June 8, 2009

St. Peters 2: Return to the Hospital

It has become my official responsibility to update the blog when Brooke is in the hospital. I feel like the guy at the party that nobody wants to talk to!

Anyway, Brooke is back at St. Peters. The cerclage surgery last month went well and seems to have done what it was meant to do, but the medicine she was on apparently caused some adverse reactions. Brooke has an infection in her intestines called C-Diff. I just looked it up online to get a better understanding, and basically it happens when all the “bad” bacteria in the in GI tract grow out of control (usually as a result of an anti-biotic). And since it causes nausea and an inability to keep food in the stomach, Brooke has gotten very, very dehydrated. The on-call doctor gave her some drugs over the weekend, but it just didn’t get any better at all.

But the good news is that she was put on a much better (and much stronger) antibiotic that should wipe it out of her system in a matter of a day. She’s also on some drugs to help with the nausea and on an IV to get her some fluids. I just came from the hospital and she already looks a lot better than she did last night after only a few short hours on the drugs. Hopefully, if all goes well, she can come home 24 hours after starting the medicine, which would be later in the day tomorrow.

Luckily, nobody seemed at all worried that this would hurt the babies at all. I have no idea how something that could totally ravage Brooke could have no effect on those three tiny babies, but I guess that’s for smarted people to understand.

Also, I wanted to take a second to thank our parents for all their help today (and every day, really, but today especially). Pam (Brooke’s mom) took off from work at the last minute to drive Brooke up to St. Peters and she stayed there all day so Brooke didn’t have to be alone. And my parents were nice enough to drive all the way up to Jackson to pick Tucker up from doggie day care (Hi Kara and Audrey!) so I could go directly to the hospital after work. Not having to worry about taking another day off from work or getting Tucker home made my day a lot less stressful than it otherwise would have been. So thanks a lot!

***One more week until 24 weeks!***


Claire said...

Oh, yuck! C-diff is no fun. And not to be picky but to be sure you have it straight for's actually when the anti-biotic KILLS the "good" bacteria in your gut and the "bad" bacteria grows out of control. The "good" bacteria usually keeps this "bad" bacteria in check. Anyway, glad Brooke is doing better and that the babies are doing well. One more week! yay...and they are a GREAT size!

Lauren said...

YAY for one more week!! So glad she's feeling better and that those sweet peas are unaffected. I think they have some serious 'splainin' to do when they get out for all of this ruckus. ;)

xoxox to all 5 of you!

jennifer_and_nick said...


I have recently started following this blog, I came over from your food blog. I am praying for you and hope that you recover completely from your infection. I am also praying that you make it to full term and deliver three beautiful healthly babies.

Rhea said...

Hope the new antibiotic does the trick and you have smooth sailing the rest of the way--I will continue to pray for you and those three precious babies!!!

Mom2Be said...

oy vay the poor girl! I wonder if eating yogurt would help keep that from happening again? Anyway, I hope the new antibiotic does the trick and that she gets better soon. You guys are almost to the home stretch, hang in there!

Anonymous said...

My love and prayers are with you always. 6 more days.
xoxoxoo Auntie :)