Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Plugging Along

I've been told by many people recently that I need to update this blog (hi, John!), so here you go! I haven't updated because I really have nothing to say. But I consider that a good thing! I'm still hanging here on bedrest. We have our first post-cerclage doctor's appointment tomorrow, so we're hoping for some good news from that. They will also do an anatomy scan of the babies so we'll get to see how they are growing. I'm looking forward to that, and also to getting out of the house!

My typical day is spent (where else?) on the couch. I work during the day and wait for Joe to come home from school. Once he gets home we chat and sometimes play against each other in Bejeweled Blitz (I suck). Then Joe gets us dinner, we eat, watch TV (well, I watch TV, Joe grades or folds laundry or something else productive) and Joe usually goes out and gets me ice cream. On weekends it's the same for me, except working is replaced with bad TV and mindless Internet surfing. Joe's weekends are much busier - umpiring, volunteering at Challenger, cleaning, laundry, working in the yard. He's an awesome husband for handling it all.

I'm pretty excited that we've gotten into June! Our first goal for this pregnancy is to make it to 24 weeks, at which point the babies would have a chance at survival if they arrived. I'll hit 24 weeks in 11 more days. I hope they are an uneventful 11 days! Of course, we want them to stay in much, much longer than 24 weeks, but it will be a slight releif to know that they could be okay if they arrived at that point. But I get happy each time a new month arrives and we are one step closer to a safe and healthy delivery of our babies.

Speaking of the babies, they are moving a lot more now and Joe can actually feel them. We can't tell exactly which ones we're feeling, although we can usually make a pretty good guess. It's nice to feel them and be reassured that they are doing well in there.

So there's an update! We'll post again tomorrow after our appointment. And thank you again to all our wonderful friends and family for checking in on us, bringing us food, etc. We would be lost without you!


Nicole said...

Thanks for the update!

John said...

Thanks for updating, Brooke! :) I like to read the updates even though i pretty much have a good idea whats going on. It helps pass the time on slow work days!

Lauren said...

So glad that things continue to be uneventful for you. Can't wait for our babies to play together! :)

Laura P. said...

thanks for the update! You should have your friends bring over all their favorite movies to help keep you entertained. Hang in there!

The Home Cook said...

I'm glad things are uneventful. I hope tomorrow brings lots of good news. :) I can't wait to see you again later this month.