Sunday, June 3, 2012

Happy Birthday, Nana (and Memorial Day)

Memorial Day was hot. Like, really hot. But that didn't stop Charlie and Lily from celebrating the holiday and Nana's birthday.
Patriotic Charlie.
Firecracker Lily.
Memorial Day was also Nana's birthday and we were happy to be put in charge of making the cake. If there's one thing that Charlie loves, it's cake.

We baked the cake the day before and on Monday, after a trip to the gym, we spread Oreo pudding between the layers. Charlie and Lily really enjoyed this part.

Then we put on the frosting. I used the new Duncan Hines Frosting Creations - if you haven't seen them yet, check them out! You buy a container of unflavored frosting and then there a billion different flavor packets to choose from that you mix into the frosting. It's neat! We used mint chocolate.

Charlie wanted to eat the cake as soon as it was frosted. When I explained to him that we were bringing it to Nana's later for a cookout and had to wait to eat it until then, he burst into tears.

But a little taste of icing cheered him back up.

As did adding some sprinkles.

After the cake, Lily helped Joe wrap Nana's present. She took her job very seriously.

When we got to Nana's, Charlie and Lily took a spin in their Power Wheels Jeep. Aunt Jill bought them the Jeep for their 2nd birthday last year, but they were afraid of it at the time. This year, however, they were all about it. Their steering still needs some work, however, but thankfully Aunt Jill was willing to chase the Jeep up and down the street redirecting it.

Then finally, it was time for cake! Happy birthday, Nana!

Sweaty and covered in cake - the perfect way to end Memorial Day.

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