Wednesday, June 20, 2012


The neighborhood church carnival in our town has been a tradition to me and my family for my entire life. As a kid, my mom used to let us go over to it every single night and we had a blast. After I met Joe, he and I would always make it a point to get over there each year. In fact, in my 32 years of life I've missed the carnival only once - in 2009 when I was in the hospital after my water broke.

Even though they attended the past two years, this year Charlie and Lily are old enough to understand and really enjoy the carnival. They've been the last two nights and have loved every second of it!
Walking over with Daddy.
This lion puppet was incredibly creepy, but Charlie and Lily loved it.
The carousel - their favorite!
The nice guy working the Ferris wheel let us ride for free because it was Charlie and Lily's first time.
Lily is apparently some kind of carnival game prodigy. In two nights she won THREE carnival games all on her own. On her first attempt at each of them, nonetheless. Charlie wasn't quite so lucky, but after her third win she let Charlie claim the prize ;)
Sharing the carnival with MomMom and PopPop.
Win #2.
Can't go to the carnival without getting some cotton candy!

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