Monday, May 28, 2012

Can you tell me how to get?

Oh, how Charlie and Lily love Sesame Place! The season passes? Totally worth every penny! Especially on days like this past Friday. Joe was off from work and we'd planned on hitting up Sesame Place to do the water activities, but that morning the weather was gray and drizzly. We decided to skip the water stuff but hit the park anyway, and we're so glad we did! There were basically no crowds. We walked on to every ride, Charlie and Lily got to visit with Abby Cadabby and Super Grover and we sat front row at the Elmo Rocks show. It was a great morning!
So excited to ride the carousel.

The teacups! (Joe sits out any ride that spins fast, lol.)

Ooooh, so close to the action at Elmo Rocks!

Strolling down Sesame Street.

Yay, Super Grover! This was the first time that Charlie and Lily got to meet him.

Lily was desperate to see Abby. She talked about her all day long, so we were excited to find her right before we were ready to leave.


עגלות תינוק 1012 said...
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Jenn said...

Hey Brooke...

Are you still selling Pampered Chef?

Brooke said...

Hi Jenn,

Actually, no. Thanks for asking though! I know several consultants though if you need something!