Monday, May 7, 2012


And just like that, it's May. (Charlie and Lily will be 3 next month!!! 3!!! OMG!) And okay, I realize that it's actually 7 days into May, but I'm a little behind here. We've been very busy here, but mostly with our normal day-to-day stuff. Charlie and Lily keep pretty active regularly - they go the kids' club at the gym, the library, music class and the playground. But this past week they've also been to Aunt Jill's house and Nana's house, had a few play dates, had lunch at Wendy's and gone to opening day at Sesame Place. On the agenda for this week is attending their very first circus, among other things. I'll be sure to post an update on that - I hope they like it! Until then, here are just a few pictures from our week:
Wet willy at Wendy's. Many thanks to Aunt Jill for encouraging this. :/
Fridays remain Donut Day. Last week's chocolate glazed were a big hit!
Easter bonnet, Ugg boots and plastic Mardi Gras beads - this look is all the rage with the toddler set.
Over these past months Charlie and Lily have really begun playing together instead of just near each other. They truly enjoy each other's company, and I hope it always stays this way.
Look! Lily finally has enough hair for an honest to goodness ponytail! She loves this style, although she calls it a "buggytail."
And I just had to share this shirt, from my mothers of multiples group. It makes me laugh.

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