Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sick :(

Nothing more to say about our week than that! On Tuesday night, Charlie woke up around 9:30 throwing up. He threw up 3 more times that night before we managed to get him (and Lily, who woke up from all the commotion) back in bed around 1:00am. The next morning I took Charlie to the pediatrician for a lingering cough unrelated to the stomach bug. The nurse pracitioner we saw said the cough was from a combo of leftover cold and allergies, and we had to wait it out. The next day, Thursday, began with Lily throwing up and Charlie still weak, lethargic and coughing. As the pictures on this post prove, the poor boy could not stay awake for more than half an hour. On Thursday and Friday, both kids took a 4 hour nap, woke at 4:30 and were back in bed at 6:30. When they were awake, there was a lot of dozing, whimpering and begging for milk, which of course they couldn't have. And Thursday afternoon, I went down for the count with the stomach virus as well. (And oh, was it horrible!! I feel even worse knowing just how bad poor Charlie and Lily felt!)

Thankfully, Joe managed to avoid the virus (so far, at least!) and was able to stay home on Friday and take care of us all. But by yesterday morning, while the vomiting had stopped and the kids were eating a bit, they both were coughing, Charlie worse than ever. So off to the pediatrician we went again. This time, the doctor we saw said she heard wheezing in Charlie's lungs and diagnosed him with a sinus infection. She put him on an amoxicilin and prescribed nebulizer treatments for him every four hour. Lily gets nebulizer treatments for her cough as well, until it goes away.

I'm glad that we got some help for Charlie, and as of last night he seemed to be perking up a bit, so fingers crossed! Is it spring yet?!?!

(On another doctor note, Lily returned to Dr. Wasserman on Tuesday (before the plague hit, lol) to have her eyes re-checked. Dr. Wasserman has been following Lily since her NICU stay for a few pigment spots on her eyes. Lily was such a good girl at the doctor (she especially liked how we got to go walk around the mall while we waited for her eyes to dilate) and Dr. Wasserman determined that the spots are absolutely nothing and she's all cleared.)


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so sorry to hear you're all sick. Hope you all get better soon!

Mac's Mommy said...

The theory at my school is pineapple. Whenever a stomach bug hits my class I eat pineapple like crazy, as do all the teachers, and so far it was worked. The only time it didn't work was for a coworker when her daughter got a bug - she and her 2 sons ate pineapple but her husband didn't, and he ended up getting the bug too. I figure, it can't hurt.