Saturday, February 11, 2012

What's New

I know, I know, I promised to do a better job of updating the blog. And I'm trying - really, I am! Things have just been kind of hectic around here. First, as I discussed in my last post, we were taken down by the horrible stomach virus, Charlie had a sinus infection and then both kids needed nebulizer treatments three times a day, which seriously cut into my computer time :P And we're moving. In 8 days. Eeek. So there's been a lot of packing going on. Charlie and Lily like to "help" me with this, and Lily especially loves "labeling" the boxes after I seal them up. Reminder to self: toddlers and Sharpies are not a good a mix. On top of that we've had music class, visits to the gym kids' club, trips to Dunkin Donuts and a fantastic family team kick-off party for the March of Dimes March for Babies (I have a separate post planned for that, but Team Three Cheers for Babies will be back in action this April!).

So we've been busy. And Charlie and Lily have been awesome. Seriously, they are growing up so fast. They are both constantly singing and talking and making us laugh. Every day when Joe gets home from work Lily gives him an entire detailed summary of her day. It usually goes something like this: "I wake up and have milk and Mommy have coffee and we watch Sesame Street. Then I go to gym and then we go to Target! Then Charlie pooped and Mommy change his diaper. I have peanut butter and jelly and then I take nap. I close my eyes and be quiet. Then I wake up and see Daddy." And Charlie loves to sing. He'll randomly bust out with the lyrics from music class songs or songs he heard on the radio. I love watching him push around his toy cars while singing, "Give Me Everything" and "Good Feeling." There's not a lot of quiet here anymore ;)

We have been trying to squeeze in some things to celebrate Valentine's Day. I love holidays! On one of our recent trips to Target (we may have a little bit of a Target addiction here...) we picked up a little foam heart craft kit. Charlie and Lily enjoyed assembling the hearts the other morning. Well, Lily enjoyed it. Charlie lost interest after about 30 seconds and went off to be with his true loves - the trains from Thomas and Friends.
Lily helped me make a lot of hearts though, and then we hung them to admire.
Our Target purchases also included a bag of candy conversation hearts. I gave them to Charlie and Lily with a bunch of bowls, spoons and scoops and let them go to town. Those little hearts kept them busy for over 45 minutes, and then for almost the same length of time the next day. They got a kick out of dumping the hearts from one container to another and loading up the toy trucks with the candies.And then they put the buckets on their heads, because Joe taught them that it's always funny to put things on your head.
Tomorrow we plan to make pink Valentine's Day cupcakes to round out our holiday fun. Then it's back to packing, packing, packing!

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Heather said...

precious. good luck on your move & Happy Valentine's Day !