Sunday, January 22, 2012

Full of excuses

I have been a terrible blogger as of late, I know. Things have just suddenly gotten so busy around here that I haven't had much time to spend online. The biggest distraction of the moment is the fact that we're moving next month. (Yes, AGAIN, lol.) So a lot of our time and energy has been devoted to getting everything straightened out with that. Then there's my part-time job, which eats into a lot of my free time, and the fact that as they've gotten older, Charlie and Lily's daily naps have gotten shorter (sob!).

We've also been out and about a lot. The fight against wintertime cabin fever has kept us busy. We have Charlie and Lily's beloved music class once a week, and make frequent trips to the library. Both kids love books!
Charlie and Lily have, thankfully, decided that they love going to the kids' club at my gym, so we go there usually twice a week, on Mondays when I teach my Body Attack class and on Fridays. Fridays are their favorite day to go because we stop at Dunkin Donuts on the way home to get donuts for Charlie and Lily and coffee for Mommy. Donuts make Charlie very happy.
The kids are also big fans of Cracker Barrel, where I work. We regularly meet my coworker and her son, Dominic, there for breakfast.
Oh, and sometimes when we're leaving or entering the house, this goes on:
We also are still trying to get outside when the weather permits it. Yesterday we got our first snow of 2012, so we had to go check things out. Charlie and Lily had a blast!

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