Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Letter J and Daddy's Birthday

This week was all about the letter J. Charlie and Lily practiced doing jumping jacks and sang "Jack Be Nimble." We sorted jelly beans by color, then used the jelly beans for a little art project. Charlie and Lily really enjoyed deciding where to place the jelly beans on their J's.
We also took a little field trip this week to Junglerrrific. Charlie and Lily absolutely love to play at Junglerrific and had a blast. We met Joe there when he was done school, and the kids played until dinner time. Then we left and headed to Perkins for pancakes and chicken fingers. While we ate, Lily recounted for Joe the events of nap time. Since Christmas, Lily has been fighting nap big time. I had been putting them down for nap around 12:45, right after lunch. But since Christmas, Lily has been talking, jumping around, singing and kicking in her crib until at least 2:00, and sometimes not falling asleep at all. The day we went to Jungelrrrific, she somehow managed to get her arm stuck between her crib mattress and the crib side while she was messing around during nap time. She screamed and cried and I, of course, sprinted upstairs to rescue her. All through dinner, Lily kept telling Joe, "Lily's hand stuck! Lily cried. Mommy help you!" Lol! (Since then, I've pushed nap back until 1:15ish and have had much better results!)

Charlie and Lily have also been enjoying playing with all their new Christmas presents, including their easel. Lily especially loves drawing and coloring on it.
This week we also celebrated Joe's birthday by having our families over for pizza, pie and cake. (Joe only really wanted pie for dessert, but Charlie and Lily refuse to believe that you can have a birthday without a cake, so we made this one special for Daddy.)Happy birthday, Daddy!

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Akit said...

Amazing pics of these cute babies .It looks you are caring in nature and know what baby care is and how much love , affection and caring should be for these bay .