Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Letter I and A Very Furry Christmas

Last week we learned about the letter I. I've decided that this will be our last week of alphabet-themed learning until after Christmas, because all I really want to do between now and then is Christmas themed crafts, activities and baking. This week, even though I meant to focus on the letter I, things still managed to morph into holiday activities so why fight it? 'Tis the season! We did stick to the theme with our craft and made these letter I ice cream cones.
We read If You Take a Mouse to the Movies and sang "The Itsy Bitsy Spider." We also attempted to make igloo cupcakes by topping vanilla frosted cupcakes with lots of mini marshmallows. Unfortunately, the Christmas sprinkles I found in the dollar bin at Target proved much more enticing to Charlie and Lily than the marshmallows, so we mostly ended up with green, red and white cupcakes instead. Topped with lots and lots and lots of sprinkles.
Yay Christmas!
Last night we took Charlie and Lily to Sesame Place for A Very Furry Christmas. They had the best time! Upon walking into the park, before we even got to the main entrance, we came upon these groves of character-themed Christmas trees. Charlie and Lily had a blast running between the different color trees and exclaiming over each one.
We saw the 1-2-3 Christmas Tree display - they loved the music and the way the tree lights "danced" to the songs.
And we saw The Count! Charlie and Lily love The Count and raced right up to him to give him hugs.
Then they took a break under the giant mistletoe. We tried to get them to kiss, but they weren't feeling the love.
We also saw Santa! Well, Charlie saw Santa. Lily decided he was best admired from afar. However, she did work up the courage before we left to give Old Saint Nick a high five and snag a candy cane from him. We didn't manage to make it to any of the shows, but Charlie and Lily did get a ride on the carousel which they thoroughly enjoyed.
And of course, we visited the gift shop! Charlie was so happy when we bought him not only a toy bus but also an Elmo ornament for the Christmas tree. (Elmo riding a TRAIN - what could be better for Charlie?)
Lily chose a Murray doll to add to our collection. She carried him around the rest of the night saying, "Oh, Murray" and kissing him. If you're in the NJ/PA area, I definitely recommend visiting Sesame Place for the holidays.


mrsarainey said...

Hi! Not sure I have commented before but I have been following your blog for a long time now, and I love it. Is Sesame Place worth a weekend trip that consists of a 7 hour drive one way? We live near Cleveland. I don't know anyone that has been and I figured your could give me your opinion. :)

Brooke said...

For the weekend? Sure! Especially if you go when it's warm enough for the water attractions. My kids could easily spend all day in the splash pools.