Sunday, December 4, 2011

Letter H and the Christmas Spirit

This week Charlie and Lily learned about the letter H. I'm not going to lie - once again our poor letter of the week was kind of eclipsed by holiday things. We did manage to squeeze in a few H related activities though, like making these handy little H's. We also read But Not the Hippopotamus and Hippos Go Berserk.
The weather has been much cooler this week, but we still tried to squeeze in some playground time. Here's Lily encouraging Daddy to get his shoes on so he can take her out.
Charlie and Lily have also become obsessed with Dora the Explorer. They caught it for the first time on Monday and have been begging for it daily. They sing the songs and Lily is in love with Boots the monkey. She says, "Where Boots go? Oh, there he is!" about 50 times an episode. On Saturday morning the introduced Joe to Dora too.
Now that December is here we've started doing some Christmas activities too! This weekend our town had a great Winter Wonderland celebration in a local park. They had tons of lights and decorations, a Santa's village, a train ride, treats, and lots of costumed characters walking around. Charlie and Lily had a great time!
Charlie's favorite part was the train ride!
We even saw Elmo!
But strolling along looking at the lights (while eating giant cookies) was also nice!
Yesterday we put up our Christmas tree. We thought Charlie and Lily would be very interested in decorating it, but they really weren't all that enthralled. They were more interested in the fact that we moved their toys to a different spot in the living room to make room for the tree. The only part of decorating they really cared about was hanging up the star, so Joe made sure he did it twice.
The tree became much more interesting to kids, however, once Joe put the gate around it. Forbidden fruit and all that...
Charlie and Lily did enjoy decorating these paper trees though. First they decorated them with with dot paints to make lights, then sprinkled on lots of sparkles. Pinterest has given me tons of great Christmas craft ideas, so I know we'll be churning things out from now until the holidays are over!
If you're feeling the holiday spirit as well, I encourage you to please support The Jackson Malia Fund's 4th Annual Toy Drive. The fund was established by my friend Megan in honor of her son Jack, who passed away too soon, leaving behind his fellow triplets Katie and Charlotte. The organization offers support to special needs children and their families. The toy drive is for a wonderful cause and helping is simple! Just visit the toy drive's Amazon wish list , select a gift and send it directly to drive. Charlie and Lily are super excited to attend the drive's breakfast with Santa this year, which is next Saturday! Details can be found on the Fund's website if you are in NJ and would like to attend!

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You two seem like amazing parents. You have a beautiful family!