Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Denied Parole

Poor Charlie. His chance at being sprung from isolation is gone. His first round of blood tests to re-check him for MRSA came back positive. All three of the planned tests had to come back negative in order to set him free, so now he's stuck in isolation for the duration. We really shouldn't be upset since we've been told all along that he would be there until he went home. Up until yesterday, we never even considered the possibility that he could go back out with the regular NICU babies. We still don't even really know what changed and why they were willing to give him a shot. We're just disappointed because we let it get into our heads that he could be outside his tiny room and near Lily, and the idea of being able to be with them both at once makes us both giddy with happiness. Oh well. If this is the last disappointment we have as NICU parents we'll consider ourselves lucky.

Talk now shifts from springing Charlie from isolation to freeing Charlie of any breathing help whatsoever. If things go as Dr. Hiatt plans, Charlie will be breathing nothing but room air like you and me by the end of this week! He's still not bottle feeding too well and his heart rates drop pretty regularly with it, but that shouldn't effect his oxygen intake. We're so proud of him; he's done so well with his breathing from the minute he begrudgingly came off the CPAP. Go chunks!

The big news of the day is in the weight department: Charlie hit 5 pounds!!! And Lily is now 2 kilos!!! Both are huge, huge steps. We've been thinking of the five-pound mark since they were born as the "almost home" point and it is so, so exciting that Charlie is there. Just a few more ounces and Lil will be there too!

Nothing really changed today for Lily. She's breathing great with the reduced settings on her High Humidity Nasal Cannula so we need her to keep that up for a few more days before switching her to the Low Flow Cannula becomes an option. Her bottle feedings continue as they have been. When she's in the mood for a bottle, she takes it like a champ and gulps it down as though she's been starved. But when The Bug doesn't want her bottle, she let's everyone know it and will have nothing to do with it. In a way, her moodiness is a good thing because we know pretty much right away if she'll take the bottle or not. There's a little more of a guessing game with Charlie.

The saddest part of today is that I'm not feeling too well. Sore throat, runny nose... a typical back-to-school gift from my students. So, despite all my constant hand-washing and sanitizing, I seem to have a cold. Thus, I did not go to the hospital at all today. I can't even put into words how sad this makes me. I've not missed a day since they were born and not seeing them today makes me feel so much worse. Hopefully, a good night's sleep will be enough to kick this so I can see them tomorrow.

Charlie seems quite happy in his new "Little Heartbreaker" outfit. How true it is! (Thanks for all the clothes, Cheryl!)

Charlie was more than happy to have his mommy be his exclusive visitor today. He's definitely going to be a mama's boy.

One of our favorite Lily traits is her belly pose. For some reason, she just loves to lay on her back and stick her belly out as far as can go. She even jams her chin down into her chest to give it an added visual effect. It's hilarious! (at least to us)


Lisa said...

Googled Hibiclens and MRSA to see if it would help my little guy (not sure if it's been tried for yours already) and found this:

About 9 months into our MRSA saga, my 3 year old asked me a question. We were on our way home from church and she said, "Mommy, is God merciful?". I said, "Yes, honey, He is merciful." She had a puzzled look on her face as she stared blankly out the window. "God has MRSA too?" she said. So, this has now become our new phrase for when one of us has a breakout....that we are "MRSA-ful".

Katherine said...

I hope you get better soon!

I didn't discover your blog until after beautiful little Annaleigh passed away (there were so many sorrowful mentions on other blogs that I like to read). Again, I am so sorry for your loss.

I did want to say that I can't get enough of Lily and Charlie's updates now, they are so adorable!


Lauren said...

Hooray for big fat babies!! Bummer that Charlie is still a hostage, but someday, about 13 years from now, he's going to beg for some isolation from his spunky sister. :)

Tamara said...

Yay for chunky Charlie and Lily! I can't get over how big they are.

Brooke you are glowing while holding Charlie. Sorry your not feeling well Joe. I pray that you will be back to visit your beautiful family soon.

I can't wait for the post that announces the babies trip home.

Gretchen said...

Joe I hope you get to feeling better! I've found that drinking Salada's Purple Anti-Oxidant Tea kick's My colds SUPER FAST, my husband and daughter drink it too so if you aren't feeling better tomorrow I'd grab a box and honey always works wonders too!
Both Mommy and Daddy seem to glow and be in their glory when they are holding or looking at one of the babies!!! I have no doubt that this babies are going to be SO SO LOVED!!!

Diana Lopez said...

wow, they r getting so big...I'll be praying for your health tonight, hope you get to see them tomorrow..

Anonymous said...

I hope you feel better Joe. Charlie will be out soon enough. Have patience - it's a disappointment but it'll happen.

I absolutely love the picture with Brooke and Charlie - is that little bugger smiling - or are you having the same effect on him that Joey has on Lily - pooping... And I think Lily's pose is hilarious as well. OMG - they are soooooooo cute.............

All My Love, Auntie :) xoxoxxo

Anonymous said...

Yay for the babies growing! I'm so happy for you both! That picture of Brooke and Charlie is adorable. He looks absolutely enthralled to be with mommy- look at that smile!!!! :) Joe, I felt the same way that you did last night, but I am better this morning-- hope you are as well. Perhaps you should have used hand sanitizer. I hear that you might have a little bit in your class.... ;).


P.S.-- The baby clothes shopping is fun and somewhat addictive. :)

Rebecca, from CT said...

Joe, hope you are able to kick this cold quickly!!! And sorry to hear that Charlie didn't pass his test. Sometimes it would be better if they kept it a secret between the medical staff/nurses so parents wouldn't be disappointed. I wish that they are able to be reunited very soon!!!

The Paro Family said...

Joe, hope you can kick the bug you have soon so you can go back and be with the Bug and Chunks! SO happy to hear they're both doing well!! My son was right at 5 lbs when he came home from the NICU so hoping that Charlie gets to come home with you very very soon, and Lily very soon after if not at the same time!

OMG Triplets said... stinkin' cute!

Jade said...

I'm so glad to hear that they are gaining weight and doing well. Joe, I hope you get to feeling better. I'm sorry you weren't able to go see them!

Anonymous said...

Wow 5lb Charlie!! Good for him! And Lily... such a funny one! I'm sure you must of been disappointed about Charlie, but the time will come quick when you will be all together happy in your home soon!!! Oh by the way... the babies are VERY beatiful (but I know you already know that :)

and Joe, feel better!

Flora Bud said...

Hi we were posting about you on the nest and I came to read your blog. I have gone through a whole box of tissues just reading your story. My husband and I had a miscarriage at 8 weeks and I can not imagine everything that you and your husband are going through but you both are very strong.

I want to help you and donate some items for Lily and charlie and I'm sure that a lot of others would love to do the same. Have you thought about providing a PO box or something like so that we can help you?

If anything you can email me

my prayers are with you!

Michele from FTHS said...

Poor Charlie. Lily's belly is just too cute. Hope you feel better, Joe. Brooke, you have that "proud Mommy" look on your face every time there's a pic of you and the babies. Keep up the good work, Little D's!

Mom2Be said...

Poor Charlie! Glad he's at 5lbs though! Glad that Lily is doing well too, her belly is adorable! If you develop a fever, you might want to get tested to find out what kind of flu you have... Drink lots of fluids and get lots of rest and hope you feel better soon!

Stephanie said...

That picture of Lily is priceless- I just cracked up. Nice round belly =)

Jamie said...

I just found your blog and it brings back a lot of memories. Congrats to your kiddos for growing and getting big.

I have boy/girl surviving triplets that were born at 25 weeks. One of our sons passed away after 12 hours. My daughter had MRSA. I remember how much it sucked to have her in insolation.

I hope they continue to get big and get the hang of the bottle! They'll be home before you know it!

Mrs.McJeep said...

My sister swears by Airbourne or however you spell it. She took it the week before and during when she visited my niece in the hospital to avoid getting her sick or getting sick herself. The next week my mom, and brother were both sick, but my sister wasn't and they were all at the same place around the same people.

Maggie said...

That picture of Lily is just too cute!!!!