Saturday, September 12, 2009

11 Weeks Old

Today Charlie and Lily are 11 weeks old! We celebrated with the weekly reading of Birthday Monsters and two nice visits. I went up to the NICU this morning and got in a good cuddle with Lily. We spent the morning in her new corner location, but then in the afternoon she was moved back closer to her original spot, since I was concerned about her being too near a drafty air vent in the new location. He newest spot is right under the clock smack in the middle of the room, where the Bug is sure to get plenty of the attention she loves! My morning visit with Charlie consisted of him chugging his bottle down without any episodes and then snuggling on my shoulder until it was time for me to leave.

This evening Joe and I returned together just in time for Joe to give Lily her sponge bath and for me to see Charlie being super, super cute on the scale. Joe fed both babies their bottles and they both drank them down quickly with no problems.

While I was in the NICU this morning, Joe went to the cemetery to visit with Annaleigh. Since he knew that all the flowers from her funeral would now be gone, he stopped and picked up a bouquet of pink and white roses for her. When he arrived at the cemetery he was of course not surprised to see all her funeral flowers gone. He was, however, surprised to find several butterflies still lingering on Annaleigh’s grave. Every time we’ve been to the cemetery we’ve seen butterflies, but we always assumed they were attracted to the flowers. But today, there they were, flying around Annaleigh without a flower in site. We are convinced that Annaleigh is sending us these butterflies as a sign that she is happy and at peace. We think that Annaleigh always knew that her time in this world would be short because she had more important things waiting for her, and she wants us to know that she is okay and doing her new job – watching out for her brother and sister. We love you so much, baby girl. Even though you are gone, you continue to amaze us.

Today was also had a very nice experience with another triplet mom, who reached out to us after stumbling across our blog. She had triplets in the St. Peter’s NICU last summer and it turns out that she had many of the same primary nurses we have now and a lot of similar experiences. She offered to give us several baby items that her girls had outgrown so we went over to her place today to pick them up. We got to see her three beautiful 15 month old daughters, heard about their time in the NICU and got some valuable advice. She also gave us an adorable pink and purple exersaucer, some bottle proppers and two play mats. Thank you so much, Elena! It was great to meet you and I hope we can keep in touch!

On another note, tomorrow is my baby shower. It was originally scheduled for June 20th, but was cancelled when my water broke on June 18th. We seriously considered cancelling this shower as well given the events of the last few weeks, but in the end we decided to go ahead and have it – Charlie and Lily deserve to be celebrated. So tomorrow morning we will be enjoying brunch with our friends and family in honor of our babies. It’s a baby shower month – my friend Sarah had her shower today (it was so nice!) and my friend Colleen will have hers in two weeks. Not to mention that my friend Lauren had a son two weeks after our babies were born, my best friend Colleen is due with her third next month, my friend Daniela is due in November, my friend Jill in December…Charlie and Lily will be surrounded by friends forever!

Poor Lily. There are constantly people trying to admire her. Whatever is a girl to do?

Charlie put on a very Lily-like performance tonight while he was getting his bath and his weighing. Sometimes they really look a lot alike.


Lauren said...

Love the butterfly stories. Remind me to tell you about my white moths. Can't wait for tomorrow!

Katherine said...

I truly believe you are right about the butterflies. She's sent them to tell you that she is ok and she loves you.

I have friend who has been visited by butterflies (out of season even) since her daughter, Sofia, passed away last October. (Incidentally, today would have been Sofia's first birthday.)

I read something similar on another blog a few days ago. It just seems so special to hear they visit so many families.

Michele from FTHS said...

I, too, think Annaleigh has sent those butterflies to let you know all is alright. Lily and Charlie are blessed to have such a wonderful angel looking out for, too, Mom and Dad!

sue said...

I too believe Annaleigh has sent the butterflies as a sign to you. How nice to have them as a comfort. The babies have grown so much -- they are truly adorable. So glad things are going well for them.

Anonymous said...

Another believer - stay with us my little love. Keep watch over your brother and sister. xoxoxoxo

Charlie and Lily you are so lucky to have Annaleigh as your special guardian angel watching over you - I have confidence in you that you will make her proud. Keep thriving my little loves... xxoxooo

All My Love, Auntie :) xoxooox

Anonymous said...

Those babies get more precious each day. It sounds like they are doing so much better with the bottle. Yay! Beautiful Annaleigh listened to you both when you asked her to watch over her brother and sister. What a comfort to know that she's an angel always with you. I think that amazing picture the other day of the "butterfly in space" kind of said it all.

Go Lily and Charlie!!!


Anonymous said...

I love the beautiful butterfly story. She will be with you always. Have a fun shower today! Charlie & Lily are looking so great! Love it!!! Keep up the good work babies!

Colleen said...

I love the story about the butterflies. You can be assured that everytime I see one now I will think of Annaleigh.
I am glad you decided to go ahead with your shower - for Charlie and Lily as well as for you and Joe.
Yay for baby shower month!

Anonymous said...

Gosh... they really look so much alike!! Getting so big and beautiful as always!! Hope you had a great baby shower & hope Charlie & Lily had another good day!

Tracey's Life said...

Charlie and Lily are so precious. I love Annaleigh's butterflies. I believe it is a sign. I am hoping your babies continue to thrive and come home to Mommy and Daddy soon!

Susie said...

Brooke & Joe, I have been following your blog since I was put on bedrest back in June. I had been following Brooke's pregnancy on the Bump. I had my twin boys at 29 weeks last week. I had so much hope because I knew about your story. I am so thankful you shared with us your lives and those of your children. I have attched a FB link where you can see pictures of our two little miracles. I am so glad to see Charlie and Lily growing and enjoying the love and attention they are recieving. I pray that both your family and mine can soon enjoy enjoy our little ones at one.
Best Regards, Susie

Anonymous said...

that is so beautiful about the butterflies... she loves you so much and wants you to know. i've always felt a connection to butterflies, and now i will always think of Annaleigh when i see them. so great to read all the great strides Charlie and Lily are making... love to you all =) nikki