Saturday, November 5, 2011

Trick or Treat (and other holiday prep)

Charlie and Lily had a wonderful Halloween! We started it off in the late morning at Crackers' office. I got Charlie and Lily into their costumes and they trick-or-treated at the doors and cubicles of my mom's coworkers. Everyone in the office was so sweet and kind - they were armed with treats and happily responded to every little shout of "trick or treat!" Charlie and Lily loved it. When we went home for lunch Lily kept saying, "I trick or treat again!" For dinner, Charlie and Lily helped me make mummy dogs, which they had a lot of fun with. We even made up our own mummy dance.
After dinner it was back in the costumes for trick-or-treating around the neighborhood.
By this time. Charlie and Lily were Halloween pros. They charged right up our neighbors' front doors, knocked and happily accepted their treats.
Then it was time for the best part - checking out their loot!
This past week we spent recovering from our Halloween fun and starting to prepare for the upcoming holidays as well. On Tuesday we made cereal acorns. I drew an acorn onto a paper bag and covered it with glue. Charlie and Lily glued Cheerios to the acorn's cap and sprinkled oatmeal onto the bottom. The oatmeal sprinkling was by far their favorite (and the messiest) part.
Later in the week Charlie and Lily broke out their painting skills to make these paper plate turkeys for us to use to decorate the house for Thanksgiving. At least, they're supposed to be turkeys. Charlie keeps insisting they're suns, lol.
And then we did a tiny bit of Christmas prep - we browsed the Target toy catalog together! Charlie and Lily enjoyed pointing out all the toys they liked...lucky for them, Grandma Anne has already bought them most of the things they want ;)

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