Monday, November 21, 2011

The Letter G

Due to a busy social calendar, family obligations and random doctor appointments, G Week ended up spanning two weeks instead of just one since I was unable to find time in just one week to fit in the activities I'd planned. And even going two weeks I still had to leave a few things out, but we managed to cover the letter G. We were lucky enough to have Uncle John visit one morning, and while he was here he helped us make some goldfish bowl G's. For days after, every time Charlie saw them he would say, "I make goldfish with Uncle John!"We sang "The Green Grass Grows" and practiced naming objects that start with the letter G. We also made a special graham cracker snack. Charlie and Lily spread peanut butter on graham crackers, then decorated them with sprinkles and a few chocolate chips.This picture is up just because it make me laugh. Both Charlie and Lily love to wear Mr. Potato Head's glasses. Perfect fit, right?
This past week we also took Charlie and Lily to get their Christmas pictures taken. We actually went twice - attempt one at our usual Picture People was a flop and none of the pictures were any good. We gave it another try a few days later at the Target Portrait Studio near our house and got much better pictures! Here are a few shots of Charlie and Lily in their festive attire before we left.


Mini MNM's said...

Glad to know that my kids aren't the only ones who love to wear Mr. Potato Head's glasses! Cute pictues!

cjdubs13 said...

You are my mommy idol! I want to do all your projects with my little one in a year!!

The Zoo said...

My guys also like to wear Potato head glasses but usually hanging off of their ears!?

Who says that boys aren't fun to dress!? I LOVE Charlie's argyle vest. And Miss Lily knows how to rock a dress!

I'm still working up the nerve (and patience) for Christmas pics. Maybe next year...

The kids look so great. They're growing up so fast (sheds a tear).

As always, thanks for the educational ideas.