Sunday, March 20, 2011

W and X Week

This week Charlie and Lily learned about the letters W and X. I'll admit that I had a hard time coming up with lesson plans for these letters. Luckily, the week fell at the same time as St. Patrick's Day so I sort of added that to the mix to bulk things up a bit. We read a book called Wally the Whale and made watermelon W's. I had plans for us to make an X art project, but we had two amazing days of warm sunny weather this week and spent all our free time outside at the playground, which Charlie and Lily love.For St. Patrick's Day we read a poem called Five Little Shamrocks and used our little paper shamrocks as visual aids. On Thursday we celebrated St. Patrick's Day with some Irish soda bread. Yum! Lily loved it immediately and didn't even realize that she was eating raisins.
Charlie was a little suspicious of the bread at first, but as soon as he tasted it he was cramming the entire slice in his mouth.

Crackers came over and led Charlie and Lily in their own little St. Patrick's Day parade.Joe invented a game that he calls "choo choo," in which Charlie and Lily sit on his legs and he bounces them up and down. Charlie and Lily LOVE this game, and it is definitely helping Joe build up his leg muscles.

I have no lessons planned for this upcoming week, because I'm going away! I'm heading to Savannah, GA with some amazing fellow moms of multiples for a few days. Joe is going to be in charge at home while I'm gone, but I have no worries. I think they'll be just fine :)


Anonymous said...

Memories of parades in the house - YES... I love the pictures...

All My Love, Auntie :) xoxoxxo

Jennifer said...

Oh, I love the watermelons! Do you write out lesson plans, or just wing it?

Alison said...

I always love to see what activities you have been doing with your sweet babies. In fact, you inspired me to do something similar with my daughter. I get a lot of ideas/materials from a website called Enjoy your trip and be safe!

Brooke said...

Jen - I do write out lesson plans, but I'm a dork like that ;)

Alison - I actually use that site! It's great! I also love