Sunday, March 6, 2011

U and V Week

This week Charlie and Lily learned about the letters U and V. We read The Very Hungry Caterpillar, which Joe claims is a bit of a stretch to fit the theme, but it's such a cute book and the "very" DOES start with a V. Hmph. As we near the end of the alphabet, it's getting harder to find things to match up with the letters, which is why we had no song this week. But we did work on identifying the names of vegetables and played with they toy vacuum. Lily really likes the vacuum, and whenever I say we need to clean she goes and grabs it! (This week's lesson also called to my attention the fact that I had no real idea how to spell vacuum. Two a's? Two c's? Hello, spell check!)
Charlie and Lily also turned some Us into umbrellas. I had plans to made some Vs into vases as well, and that project started by having them color and stamp some paper. I was so pleased with how well they did coloring and stamping all on their own that I just hung their pictures on the fridge and scrapped the vases ;) I think I've mentioned before that Charlie and Lily are very picky with food. They definitely have some texture issues - anything rubbery or slimy is unacceptable. They won't eat most fresh fruits or veggies (we buy them freeze dried) and spit out pasta the second it hits their tongue. They've also refused pizza in the past, I think because of the mozzarella cheese. The other night Joe and I got takeout for dinner so I decided to try pizza with Charlie and Lily again. I got them a slice of Sicilian, thinking that the thicker crust would counteract the texture of the mozzarella, and it worked. They loved their pizza!
One of Charlie and Lily's new favorite activities is pushing their play kitchen around the room. Joe and I will often return to the room to find the doorway blocked.
The other morning Lily randomly woke up before Charlie (this almost never happens). She enjoyed the time with Roy, chilling on the couch watching Sesame Street.
On Wednesday we had some excitement. Since we moved into our townhouse in December our bathtub has been draining super slow. We told our landlady and on Wednesday she brought a plumber over to look at it. The plumber decided to snake the drain, saying (famous last words) "There's a chance the pipes could break, but that almost never happens." So...guess what happened? Our pipes broke! I was feeding Charlie and Lily lunch when water started seeping through our dining room ceiling. Yikes! They had to cut through the ceiling to replace the pipe and now the entire ceiling needs to be torn down and put back up because of the water damage. All I can say is thank goodness we rent and don't have to pay to fix this mess!


Anonymous said...

Lily - we could use your help here with the vaccuming... :) xoxoxxo
All My Love, Auntie

Mommy to Evan & Dylan said...

Brooke, I love reading about the little ones letter adventures. I also have two picky eatters. Reading about the fruit and veggies hit right at home. My twins boys are 18 months and they are giving me a huge headached when it comes to eatting. I have tried just about everything and there are very few things they will eat. They are big on carbs. When it comes to healthy options they spit them out. I end up having to puree most of the veggies in order to get some good stuff in their systme. I would love to hear some food options you have been giving Charlie and Lily. Did I mention they LOVE chocolate and fishy :0) We will also be walking in the march of dimes. Have you made new shirts for this years marathon. I still have no idea what we will be doing about the attire. Last year we wore 29 on the front since they were born at 29 weeks.
Here are some updated pictures of Evan & Dylan

It's been weeks since Ihave been over to the Bump I jsut seem so overwhelemd with work, the kids and the hubby that my time is minimal. I actually check your blog during lunch or else I would never get a chance.

Brooke said...

Hi Susie!

I tried to look at the pics of the boys but they said they're private :(

I'm sorry your boys are picky eaters! Charlie and Lily will eat fruits and veggies if they're dried. I buy the Just Veggies dried vegetable mix for them (you can get it on Amazon) and they like that a lot. Lily will eat steamed peas, though, and they'll both eat baked sweet potato fries, mashed sweet potatoes and baked squash. I still give them some purees too. With fruits, they'll eat them dried, so I buy the Disney freeze-dried fruit at the grocery store. They're all natural, no-sugar added. They really like the pears! They will eat fresh bananas though, and I give them applesauce too. Check out - they have some good recipes that kind of hide the healthy stuff. I make the Broccoli Cheddar Nuggets.

Laura said...

Brooke---Have you ever seen these:

My daughter was really picky with textures and JUST in the past few weeks started to try more fruits. Those pouches were a life saver! They are awesome and you can find them at Super Target. (Other places too I'm sure, but that is where we get ours!) Keira loved to hold and squeeze them right in her mouth herself and it's a fun snack for her. It helped get her healthy stuff in with all the crackers she eats!

Laura said...

PS. They make HappyTot too, and these pouches are bigger and they have more flavors like this: