Sunday, February 13, 2011

Love Week and some dental hygeine

This week we focused on love and Valentine's Day - the best theme so far! Crackers bought Charlie and Lily several Valentine's Day books which they adore, so we spent the week reading Where is Baby's Valentine?, Where's My Sweetie Pie?, and What is Love, Biscuit? We sang "If you love me and you know it" and "You are my Valentine." Charlie and Lily tasted pink heart shaped strawberry marshmallows too, but neither of them was a fan. They've also been wearing their Valentine's Day/love themed attire, courtesy of their favorite stylist, Grandma.

For art, we made Valentine's Day wreaths for Grandma, Grandpa and Crackers, but I forgot to take pictures of them before we gave the away. We also decorated a Valentine's Day mailbox with hearts. Lily really enjoyed working on the mailbox. Charlie, on the other hand, yanked off the first heart we put on the box, ran off with it and proceeded to spend the rest of the time sticking and unsticking the heart to the sliding glass door.

"Look what I'm making!" (Notice Charlie at the window back there.)
Ready for some Valentines! I'll have another post on Valentine's Day tomorrow, when I hope to trick Charlie and Lily into sitting still long enough to get pictures of them in their adorable V-Day shirts. But now, I need to share thse super cute pictures of teeth brushing time. Brushing their teeth is offically Charlie and Lily's new favorite pasttime, especially before bed. Joe snapped these pictures the other night. Who knew a toothbrush and some toothpaste could make them so happy?
"Yes! She's got the toothbrushes!"
"Don't be stingy with that Abby Cadabby toothpaste there, Mommy."
"Woo hoo! Here we go!"
"Man, I have a lot of teeth. This is exhausting."
"Don't even bother brushing, Lily. Just chew right on the bristles like I do!"
"Alright, Mommy, you can help."
"I've totally got this, Mom. And I'm freakishly strong, so good luck prying this toothbrush out of my hand."

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Karen said...

Your teeth brushing commentary made me laugh out loud. I love your blog. :)