Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy Birthday, Grandma!

Today is Grandma Anne's birthday! We won't tell you how old she is but let's just say she's not too far away from a letter from the President and a "happy birthday" message from The Today Show.

To celebrate, she came over after work and helped us play outside. The weather has been unseasonably warm (mid 60's) so we've enjoyed breaking our normal indoor routine and playing outside in the yard.

After a nice dinner of take-out Italian, we had cake and ice cream. Lily and Charlie weren't too keen on the candles, but they were more than excited to have a few bites of dessert!

After treats, there's always time for a round or three of "This Little Piggy."

Happy birthday, Grandma! Thanks for spending your big day with us!

While it has nothing to do with Grandma's birthday, Charlie looks damn cute in his "'Cause I'm a ladies man" tee. And it's totally true. That boy will flirt with any woman on earth. (He comes from a long line of excellent flirters; it's a proud tradition for the men in the family, and he is carrying on the legacy like a natural!)


Michelle Vanderven said...

Such cute kiddies!!! PS you didn't have to tell us how old she was.. the cake says it all!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday again Grandmom...
I'm glad that you got to spend the day with Grandmom - you made her day for sure...
All my Love, Auntie :) xoxoxoxox