Saturday, October 16, 2010

Shapes Week

This week Charlie and Lily learned about shapes. We started the week by reading the Sesame Street book Abby's First Book of Shapes. Then Charlie and Lily worked on putting together their talking shapes puzzle.
They also practiced putting the shapes in their shape sorter. (We have a more manly version of this toy as well, but Charlie isn't afraid to like pink.)
We used shapes to make houses for an art project, and watched Baby Einstein Discovering Shapes.
"Hooray! I'm a shapes super star!"
On a totally unrelated note, Lily cracked us up the other day and I had to share. I was in the kitchen cleaning up lunch and I heard Lily start freaking out in the living room. I looked in and saw that she had pulled her sleep sack off the pack n' play, where it had been hanging, and had managed to get her head stuck in it. She was crawling around in a panic with the sack on her head, totally stuck. Of course, I hurried to help her get free...but not before I took a few pictures first ;)


Laura said...

Hahahaha! These pictures of Lily are hysterical!

Colleen said...

Real men like pink! We have the Abby book too (of course)! Love the last shot of Lily - totally defeated hahaha.

Rebecca Nixie said...

LOL, too cute!!

Anonymous said...

hahahaha, those pics of lilly are hilarious!

Kristi H. said...

That last photo is awesome! :)