Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I love Taylor Swift's new song, "Mine," because the chorus never fails to make me think of Charlie and Lily. Every time Taylor sings the line, "You are the best thing that's ever been mine," my mind flashes to moments like these :)

Lily loving her baby. We say, "Lily, where's the baby?" and she goes right over to it to pick up and gives it hugs.
Recently the alphabet play mat has become the snack of choice. Have U ever tried it?
The babies love their morning banana, and Lily can even say "banana" now! She has the cutest little voice.
All smiles at play time.
Both babies are SO close to walking. Any day now...
Lily loves to mimic the things we do. Here I was sticking my tongue out at her and she was doing the same to me.


happy_wife said...

They are cuter than a box of puppies!!! Really, they seem to be just the happiest, sweetest and smartest little kiddos! I'm sure they have their moments (I mean what 16 month old doesn't....meaning, please tell me I'm not the only one!!) What a blessing they are to you and all of your readers hiding in internet-land!

Hugs from Houston!

Lauren said...

LOVE your pics!! And I think of my guys when I hear that song too. :) LOVE Lily and her tongue, lol.

carrie said...

They look great!!! Such happy babies, and sounds like they are meeting all of their milestones and then some! So glad they are doing so well!

Anonymous said...

Yup - you said it Brooke - your babies are your life and believe me it only gets stronger... I love
Lily's pants... Bananna - Go Go Lily... :)
All My Love, Auntie :)

Michele from FTHS said...

I haven't been on the page since your pumpkin trip. Your C and D pictures and Lily getting her head stuck made me chuckle as did Charlie and Lily eating their cupcakes. I sighed when I saw the "Remember When" pictures. They seemed like yesterday. God bless all of you and your Butterfly Angel! xoxoxo